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Gift ideas for a Christmas dedicated to technology outside the box

Don’t know which fish to catch for Christmas? We’ll give you some crazy gift ideas for next Christmas, but be careful: these are not sensible advice!

I high-tech gifts are some of the most requested for Christmas by children and adults: from video games to smartphones, PCs and household appliances, there is no shortage of gift ideas to make technology enthusiasts happy. But if you are tired of the usual gifts and want to surprise your friends and relatives with something really unusual to put under the Christmas tree, here are some tips for you!

Gift ideas for a Christmas dedicated to technology outside the box

Gift ideas for a Christmas | A 3D printer to hold in your hand

3D printing has now become accessible to everyone, a real novelty in Christmas gift ideas. But it still requires an effort to learn how to create 3D models and above all a space to keep the machine. Or maybe not. Know that for Christmas 2022 you can give away a pen for 3D printing! It works similar to a real 3D printer, but also to a pen. The heated material that comes out of the nozzle can be used to create 3D freehand lines. You can basically draw on air! Nice as a gift right?

Gift ideas for a Christmas | For sushi and Start Wars enthusiasts

Lightsabers are the emblem of the Star Wars saga that has thrilled our young hearts for years. Many of us have fought great battles in our fantasy with lightsabers. Unfortunately they will remain in our imagination for quite a while. To recover from the pain of this realization that ruined our childhood forever, the best thing is to go crazy with sushi, right? Obviously we are not beasts and sushi is eaten with chopsticks. But wait… Isn’t that a lightsaber maybe? No, it’s a perfect Christmas present.

Gift ideas for a Christmas | For musicians

Directly from Japan, here is Otamatone! It is a digital sound synthesizer but it doesn’t look like those infernal gadgets with millions of keys, cables and flashing lights trying to give you an epileptic seizure. In fact, this nice gadget has a much more usable design, both for adults and children. It plays a bit like a flute: depending on where we place our fingers on the handle equipped with touch sensors, the sound emitted will change. Simple and fun!

Gift ideas for a Christmas | For the winter

With the arrival of winter and cold weather, the use of our warm woolen beanies. How beautiful is the feeling of having a warm head and above all your ears which are the first place where the cold accumulates? There is only one problem? And if we have to listen to music? Either we lose our ears or we lose our favorite songs. But today that’s not the case anymore thanks to this beautiful beanie with built-in headphones! Thanks to the Bluetooth connection it will be possible to connect the phone and shoot the music directly from the cap. Strong isn’t it? And what’s more, we also have a nice torch on the forehead to read in the dark or to move around when night falls. Don’t you want it too?

Gift ideas for a Christmas | For children “who want to play”

Toys are the most popular gift for children at Christmas. But can we combine business with pleasure? Educational toys have long been popular to help children learn as they play. However today technology allows us to stay on another level. Sphero looks like a silly little ball, the kind they probably used 50 years ago to play. However, in reality it is a real robot that can be controlled and programmed with a simple app. It certainly allows children to have fun, but it is much more than a radio-controlled car because it also teaches the rudiments of programming.

If, on the other hand, you want a gift for older kids, you can go to more advanced models, based on Raspberry and different sensors that allow you to learn programming more complex tasks, having fun! The robots have several integrated tutorials to follow step by step, but then you can free your imagination to invent anything. It would have been a dream for me to receive something like this as a kid!


In this Christmas showcase we have seen some products out of the norm, which you probably won’t find in any other shopping list! For an unconventional and original gift you are certainly in the right place. Otherwise you can find our advice on other products such as appliances, video games and much more. That’s all from the electronics section, keep following us!

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