How to take good selfies

Come scattare buoni selfie

The question of most smartphone users is the right way to take selfies. Knowing how to take good selfies will really help people so they have the skills to capture special events when they happen

But is it really just about clicking the button to take a portrait snapshot? With smartphones like Honor 70 5g, you can take photos easily because these phones specialize in recording photos and videos. But if you own a regular phone like most users, you may want to consider these tips on how to take good selfies.

How should you take selfies correctly?

Have good lighting

The first thing you need to consider when taking selfies is the right lighting. It’s not only the correct lighting in front of you, but also the one behind you. Have you noticed that it is very difficult to take selfies when you have backlight? This is because the camera lens becomes super exposed to the light in front of it. To counter this, you can switch sides and take selfies in front of the light so that the camera can collect as much light as possible to get the nice shot you want. As much as possible, always get natural lighting. Take selfies at different times of the day to get different moods for your photos.

Find the right angle

You should find the right angle for your face. If you’ve heard of people moving to the other side of their selfie to get the angle where they look good, then you know it’s true. This is because people look better from some angles. It’s reality. To know the perfect angle for your face to take a selfie, all you have to do is take selfies from different angles. Do one each from top to right sides and self. Slowly lower the smartphone to certain degrees and take selfies from different angles. Then, evaluate to find out which ones look good on you. You can also ask your friends to determine the right angle for you.

How to take good selfies

Usa un selfie stick

When you want to have a wider snapshot of your background, you can always use a selfie stick. It helps you capture the big buildings, trees and other aspects of your background. You can find cheap selfie sticks in the market, but you can also opt for more expensive ones that have more features.

Use your phone’s selfie features

You also need to know the capabilities of your smartphone. More often than not, the phone has special features that can help the user take great selfies with little to no effort. To do this, you can go to your phone’s manual and look at ways to use the selfie camera. You can also experiment by looking at the settings and clicking on them one by one. The Honor 70 5g, for example, beauty effect selfies and HDR selfie portraits. The installed camera, by itself, takes sharp photos without grain or noise.


Taking selfies has been part of the culture for generations. The invention of the front camera is mainly to meet people’s need to take great selfies without worrying about taking bad photos. With the tips listed above, you can now take good selfies and save your beloved special events in your memory. You can simply look back at your sharp photos and get a vivid reminder of what happened. It’s also good to use a high-end phone like the Honor 70 5g to capture those events.