Gmail: Are video calls coming directly from the app?

Gmail implementa la possibilità di effettuare videochiamate direttamente dall’app thumbnail

Making video calls on Gmail is already possible, but to make a video call you need to use Google Meet. The company today launches the possibility of video chat directly from the app.

Gmail video calls? From today it will no longer be necessary to use Google Meet

Google announces a new feature that simplify access to video calls inbound and outbound. In the age of smart working, videocalls are increasingly important and anyone who works in this way has known at least once Google Meet. In fact, until now, a link to Meet was required to make videochat on Gmail.

From today it is no longer necessary, as Google is implementing a section called Google Chat directly in the Gmail app. According to reports from, a separate application will also be released. The same portal confirms that the ability to make video calls directly from Gmail is already available starting yesterday, December 6, 2021. This is reserved for anyone with a Google Workspace, G Suite or personal Google account.

Google has been making frequent updates to its applications for some months now. Last month’s news is a new and greater focus on privacy. The company has indeed introduced two-factor verification for all Gmail accounts.

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