Uncharted: here is the release date, graphics, price and details of the remasters for PS5

The devil is in the details: here are the ones we still didn’t know about Uncharted remasters on PS5, from technical to budget ones

The PS5 version of the Legacy of Thieves collection of Uncharted provides a complete remaster from top to bottom of the episodes involved, but lot of details we come to know them today. Starting from the release date, the latter is set for January 28, 2022, with a PC version coming in the following months. The console version will be available in physical and digital format at the figure of 50 euro. The cost of the launch upgrade for owners of the digital versions of The Lost Legacy, End of a Thief and the digital bundle will be ten euro. Anyone who owns the games in physical format will have to insert disk to be able to play, as long as you have a console with a compartment.

All the other details of the Uncharted remaster for PS5

The Uncharted remaster offer does not extend to PS5 owners who have obtained the affected games as part of PS More, but this is one of the minor details. One of the most striking things, however, is the absence of multiplayer mode: this lack will cause discussion, given the presence of the mode in the original games. In the PlayStation Blog post, Annabelle hua Sony delivers “near instant” loads, praising the benefits of 3D audio and the never-too-praised haptic feedback of DualSense and its adaptive triggers. Finally, there will be three main graphics options.

Based on priority of the player, you can choose between:

  • Loyalty mode – For those who have a 4K display and want an extremely sharp resolution to fully enjoy the environments and details for which the saga is known. With this option you can play at native 4K and a framerate of 30 frames per second.
  • Performance mode – By transposing the high frame rate patch seen on PS4, the number of frames per second goes to 60.
  • Performance + mode – With a drop in resolution, you can aim for 120 frames per second at 1080p resolution.

Until the February 3, a voucher for a ticket can also be redeemed together with the game. The latter, unsurprisingly, is part of a promotion for the Uncharted movie, although it remains to be seen which cinemas join. According to Sony, the PC port of the game will arrive “shortly after” the PS5 version.

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