Gmail reaches 10 billion downloads on the Play Store

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Gmali reaches a historic milestone, which however also hides a “dark side”: the 10 billion downloads on the Google Play Store.

Something expected, considering that the app (launched on 1 April 2004, thanks to the intuition of Paul Buchheit) has been around practically since the Android operating system has existed (late 2008), or that – perhaps – is even arrived with a little delay compared to forecasts, if you think that the app is pre-installed on mobile devices.

Gmail reaches 10 billion downloads on the Play Store

As in an “exclusive club”: having reached this figure is still something sensational, net of all possible considerations, also because over the years Gmail has not “remained” only an app for sending or receiving e-mails, but it has also developed further functions: with the integration of “Chat” and “Meet”, as a symbol of a broader rebranding and updating of the so-called “Workspace”, in a historical moment in which calls and smart work have inevitably redesigned the way, the time and the space of the employment.

Data in hand, however, now we need terms of comparison to understand the Gmail download trends: two apps on which the eye has been thrown are “Chrome” and “Photos” certainly two other “tools” that have similar characteristics for use and pre-installation. How long will Gmail reach the 10 billion downloads on the Play Store? The answer in the next few weeks or months.

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