You Are Future: Fastweb looks ahead and becomes a Benefit company

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Fastweb wants to look to the future, not only to that of society and its customers, but also to that of the community. In fact, with the new claim “You are the future” Fastweb sets some important goals for the whole company, and sets out how Benefit company so that his commitment is certified.

Fastweb thinks about tomorrow with “Tu Sei Futuro”

Fastweb’s CEO Alberto Calcagno held a press conference in which he told us about the future of the company. But that’s not all: the company has defined commitments with the enlarged company, focusing on reduction of the digital divide (both structural and formative) and on sustainability. And it does so by openly declaring where it wants to go and setting itself up as a benefit company, in order to directly account for its social commitment.

Calacagno explained that this phase of Fastweb’s life, after childhood as a startup and adolescence in which it established itself as Over-The-Top infrastrutturato, becomes a proof of full maturity. A time to define a broader horizon and offer services and fuel ambitions for the whole community, not just for its customers.

Clear and measurable objectives

Last year Fastweb had already set some specific targets in its plan Next Generation 2025. Plans that after a year can already begin to verify and, in some cases, relaunch.

  • stay Ultra FWA: by 2025 there will be 2,000 municipalities reached by the new technology, for a total coverage of 12 million homes. Already at the end of 2021, 400 cities were served, with average speeds of 650 Mbps for download and 180 Mbps for upload. With only 4 days of activation as an average.
  • 5G mobile in these twelve months it has reached a thousand other cities, about 45% of the national coverage. Here the goal is to reach 90%, also serving the B2B customers of the enterprise sector, launched last year.
  • FTTH fiber doubling speed, 80% of users traveling over 100Mbps (300,000 at 2.5Gbps).
  • Fastweb Digital Academy, because Calcagno explains that “we not only build digital highways but also provide drivers with licenses”. More than 10,000 hours of training were provided, with 90 courses in the catalog and 16,000 certificates issued, which help employment
  • SME program, which has already seen the support of 180 thousand companies with an average amount of 5,000 euros.

Tu Sei Futuro by Fastweb, a perspective and a sense

Calcagno explains that wanting to look ahead serves to answer the question “why Fastweb?”. An operation of meaning, as well as of relaunching. He explains that “in a period in which we are all focused on the present for greater forces, we want to give ourselves a goal, a meaning. That is not only focused on our customers but also on the future of society and the community “.

Hence the claim Tu Sei Futuro. And from here comes the decision to invest in infrastructures and projects that can solve the age-old problem of the digital and technological divide in the various areas of our country. With this in mind, the intention to invest well three billion in total in the next few years (until 2026) to bring the fast connection FWA to 12 million households and businesses. But also to bring FTTH connection to 14.5 million and serve 90% of the population with 5G connectivity.

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Not only that, Fastweb intends to continue its commitment to infrastructures Cloud and for the Cybersecurity. In the cloud, the data servers in Milan and Rome are already an excellence. But by 2025 the company wants to achieve 40 nodi edge, distributed throughout the territory for the lowest possible latency. Also, ushering in the Security Operation Center a Bari, which adds to the Milanese one, the company ensures that it puts safety first.

Training and sustainability

The company also strengthens its commitment to Fastweb Digital Academy, which it wants to transform into a real training hub. In fact, in addition to the professional courses it already offers, it wants to integrate a series of lessons for basic and advanced digital skills. Short courses and on demand, to understand 5G, the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, to use Linkedin and Instagram for their personal branding or to optimize a PowerPoint presentation.

Customers will have a preferential lane to access the courses, by accessing the multimedia contents in advance. But they are open to everyone, from those who turn on a laptop for the first time to specialized technicians. By 2025, the company aims to serve 500 thousand people with the Fastweb Digital Academy, ten times the promise made last year.

Furthermore, Fastweb ensures that by 2025 become Carbon Neutral, eliminating net emissions and offsetting those that cannot be eliminated. A commitment that anticipates the EU objectives by 25 years and that adds to the attention to digitalization that it pursues with its business customers. To strengthen the second place like Climate Leader in Europe reached last year.

Fastweb launches the week of the future

And to underline the importance of sustainability, Fastweb also launches the Week of the Future. Each year, all Fastweb employees will dedicate five days to the sustainability goals social or environmental. Some of them will become trainers of the Fastweb Digital Academy, others disseminators of digital skills in schools or centers for the elderly, others will undertake circular economy projects.

All goals that, becoming Benefit company, will be certified when the financial ones. A push towards the future, which shows how Fastweb’s commitment is focused not only on innovation, but also on social impact.

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