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God of Ragnarok: The best skills to unlock right now

Only the best survive in the Spartan Scandinavia of Santa Monica – here are the skills you really count on in God of War Ragnarok

After its initial prologue, God of War Ragnarok soon opens access to many functions, equipment, locations and of course skills among which it is recommended look for the best ones now. We have good news: the time we took compared to day one served us to carry out the skimming in question. Therefore, if you are not a loyalist of the first hour (or even if you are, we do not discriminate against anyone), here you can find the horses to bet on to arrive unscathed in Valhalla. Or maybe we took the wrong metaphor, Valhalla being the paradise of warriors who died in battle…

Glacial rake

Let’s start with the first skill in our list of the best in God of War Ragnarok. The Frost Scratch, if you can save your experience points until just before you return home after tracking the bear. For alone 750 dotsholding down R1 you’ll cause a glacial shock wave by dragging the ax to the ground with a spoonful worthy of Francesco Totti. As an attack it is also fast, and freezes the (many) enemies it hits. Of course you could opt for the Vengeful Scythe or attack by spinning, or with the evasive storm. At the beginning of the game, however, there is really nothing better.

God of Ragnarok: The best skills to unlock right now

When Marvel’s Superman bites you – best God of War Ragnarok skills

Could we have dispensed with such a pun to introduce one of the best abilities of all God of War Ragnarok? Since there is talk of a skill to be unlocked after an encounter with Thor, the answer is no. The Blades of Chaos are back, with all the abilities that come with them…after a while, at least. If you’ve already saved enough experience points before, it shouldn’t be a problem to do the same for the Hyperion’s grip. Holding down R1 while aiming, Kratos will dash towards enemies, stunning them for a long time. With another 250 experience points you could strengthen ranged heavy attacks with the Hot Sweepbut why do that when you already have the Vice?

God of Ragnarok: The best skills to unlock right now

Sssssssssyou’re trapped – best God of War Ragnarok skills

use theExtinguishing the Flames obtained by defeating one of the first bosses to upgrade the ax and increase the number of skills available. If you only bought the Ice Scratch and Hyperion’s Grip, you should have enough points to buy everything you need for the axe. We would recommend the Serpent’s Snare for a powerful and satisfying attack that turns your target into a freeze bomb for other enemies. In addition to Scandinavian bowling, you should now have many other shopping options as well. You can decide whether to focus on movement skills, ranged ones or, why not, bet on the Blades of Chaos if you have chosen those.

God of Ragnarok: The best skills to unlock right now

Shivering, but no Mahmood or Blanco – best God of War Ragnarok skills

If “aggro” is your way of describing your fighting style, the skills unlocked at level 2 are for you. For the Leviathan’s Ax you can unlock indeed Permagelowhile for the Blades of Chaos you can have Sacrifice. Those who believe in their abilities can thus allow their weapons to supercharge with each consecutive shot, provided that you don’t take any shots in the meantime. The circle around the weapon icon in your UI will fill up with each hit, and if the weapon is loaded you will do much more harm. Not only that, the next skill in the tree lets you use an even more powerful attack with L1+Triangle!

God of Ragnarok: The best skills to unlock right now

Who watches the guards – best God of War Ragnarok skills

We don’t just want to entertain dad, do we? You should also have enough points to unlock something for poor Atreus too. Not that his skill tree is all that big, at least not right now. And while we’d suggest a “chicken tomorrow” approach, there’s an “egg today” you might as well soft-boil. Let’s talk about skill Watchful Protector, with which you can make Atreus an excellent decoy… that is, a diversion, in case Kratos is overwhelmed by the horde. So you will avoid collapsing under enemy blows even in the most difficult situations. Atreus is good, he will manage.

God of Ragnarok: The best skills to unlock right now

To arms – best skills of God of War Ragnarok

It’s okay that “it’s important to know how to use it”, but also a good one arma it helps. Once you’ve visited Sindri’s house for the first time, there’s no shortage of things to do. Opening the list is Brok’s offer to make you a new shield while he repairs yours Guardian Shield, giving you two options. The Dauntless Shield it is the classic one of the predecessor, rewarding every well-timed parry. The same cannot be said of Shield Wall of Stone, which absorbs damage from both normal attacks and Yellow Ring category attacks. After a good parade, two hits of L1 they allow you to counterattack with each shield, but the second one is the best for defenders of the first hour. If you want to risk it, instead, opt for the first one!

God of Ragnarok: The best skills to unlock right now

Offense or defense, that’s the dilemma – best God of War Ragnarok skills

Brok can provide you with excellent ones armature. You probably only have the Hacksilver material to buy one set at level 1, but with each successive set you will have different benefits. There Fortified Husk boosts Kratos’ blocking, giving him an explosive counterattack. As for instead Vidar’s Might, it’s about doing more damage at the end of a combo and fueling your attacks. They are both good, but (again) the former is more defensive and the latter more offensive. However, avoid combining them, because it is the full armor that has its effects. The armor at the start of the game can also be used, but to upgrade it you need materials that you will only find at the end of the adventure.

God of Ragnarok: The best skills to unlock right now

Best of the Nine Realms – best God of War Ragnarok skills

Strength and defense are great values, but if you see Kratos’ health deplete more often than it should, you should tackle the first Svartalfheim sidequest. By destroying the Mining Rigs at the Bay of Bounty in the mission In Service of Asgardyou will get unique resources with which to create the set Nidavellir’s Finest, which will greatly increase your vitality and give you additional health boosts when grabbing stunned enemies. The chest and waist covers give you more time to grab enemies, but you can also experiment by combining the torso armor with other sets. Yes, in this case combining is worthwhile.

God of Ragnarok: The best skills to unlock right now

Gorgeous Shining – best God of War Ragnarok skills

Later in the game you will revisit the elf kingdom of Alfheim. Following the main quest, you will be offered to explore the desert to the north which houses various additional content. Exploring this desolate territory you will find several legendary chests. Inside you will find components for the shoulders, arms and waist of the Radiant Armor. Both the cuffs and the waistband can cause a Realm Shift with every last-second dodge, slowing your opponents down and paving the way for some killer counterattacks. In addition you will gain Runic Blessings with each attack you dodge. Not bad!

God of Ragnarok: The best skills to unlock right now

Marrabbio – better skills for God of War Ragnarok

You won’t have many handles for the Leviathan’s ax at the beginning of the game. For this reason, we advise you to boost the Anger, which you will get immediately after meeting Thor. It also seems like a good time to mention that, unlike in the previous game, you can keep your early game equipment until the end. In other words: enhance what you have at will and experiment with all the tools you can find. Little can be enough to transform the humble tools of the first start into the armory with which to complete the latest Santa Monica effort. So much for the nuzlocke!

God of Ragnarok: The best skills to unlock right now

Curse of pure bad luck – God of War Ragnarok best skills

Once you reach the Bay of Bounty, dock at the central island and go west of Sindri’s shop. Here you will fight the miniboss Draugr, the Primordialand once you defeat him, quite a few rewards await you, including Cursed Grips of the Empress for your Blades of Chaos. These hilts have a remote chance of increasing your force damage and runic damage every time you land a hit. Also, compared to Steel grips base you start with, these will give you a more substantial stat boost. More than a curse…

God of Ragnarok: The best skills to unlock right now

In extreme times

And if you don’t want to miss anything and fill every slot for equipment, there’s something else. The shield can in fact be personalized with the edge of the shield. You need to complete the side quest The Weight of the Chains. To start this mission, you will have to reach the atoll next to the giant geyser north of the central island, i.e. Watchtower. Follow the quest to the zipline which will take you to the ledge to the east. Opening the chest will reveal the Rond of Aggravation. This edge is the best when it comes to blocking, rewarding you with a tantrum with every successful block. Plus the base defense, vitality, and luck values ​​are great!

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: does our guide help you? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.