God of War: The PC version will not be managed by Sony

With the official confirmation of the arrival of a PC version of God of War, however, it was not known whether Sony itself would have managed the port.

God of War, after numerous rumors and speculations, will finally arrive in the PC version, after four years from the release of the game on Sony consoles. The required specifications to run the title, but what is known is that it will support screens with widescreen functionality, as well as obviously also allowing a new command mapping for keyboard and mouse. The effect that God of War will have on PC is actually already visible for those who have had the opportunity to play the title on PS5, after the patch per console which was released in February, boosting the frame rate up to 60 FPS and supporting 4K. In addition, further improvements will be introduced on PC, including a higher resolution of the shadows and an increase in the visual quality of the environment.

The PC version of God of War and the role of Sony

After Sony began to expand into the PC market by also buying the Nixxes studio, which deals specifically with this type of sector and worked on numerous ports of Square Enix, we would have expected his contribution regarding the transposition of God of War on alternative platforms to consoles. However, Sony reps have said that while the creators at Sony Santa Monica will “oversee” the project, the actual port will be neither the original studio nor Nixxes.

God of War: The PC version will not be managed by Sony

In fact, the studio that will operate the transition of God of War to a PC version will be Jetpack Interactive, a Vancouver company that has not never had experience with works by Sony. However, it has worked on various projects by Electronic Arts and Bandai Namco, as well as also on Dark Souls for PC, a port that has received a welcome rather lukewarm by fans due to various technical problems. In addition, it is believed that Jetpack Interactive will also have a role in the porting to PC of the second and final chapter of the saga, God of War Ragnarok; at least, this is what emerges from the LinkedIn profile of one of the developers belonging to the company.

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