GoDaddy: Data stolen from 1.2 million customers

GoDaddy: sottratti i dati di 1,2 milioni di clienti thumbnail

Hands of hacker on a laptop

Data from GoDaddy’s 1.2 million WordPress customers, one of the main service providers related to the registration of Internet domains, were hit by a hacker attack with a violation of databases. A compromised password, in fact, exposed the data in question at the beginning of September. An unidentified third party had access to this data. GoDaddy only became aware of the data breach last week.

Data from over a million GoDaddy customers were exposed

GoDaddy, after identifying the breach, revoked the breached password, resetting various credentials of the accounts that may have been affected. In these days, moreover, GoDaddy, following the violation, is by contacting interested customers directly providing all the necessary information and the countermeasures to be put into practice to defend oneself. For more details you can consult the GoDaddy support site or the official blog where the company announced the breach.

The risks of the breach

Data collected from the GoDaddy database breach could be used in phishing attacks over the foreseeable future. Theft of login credentials may have exposed GoDaddy customers to other risks, such asinstalling malware on hacked sites. For all the technical information on the issue, please refer to the official references linked above.