The difficulty of New World suddenly increases: players are confused

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New World has just been updated with the update In To The Void, which has added a wide range of new weapons and equipment to Amazon’s MMORPG. Unfortunately this isn’t the only thing that has added to the New World play dough, as players have reported a drastic increase in difficulty of some enemies, which has greatly displeased the community.

New World: The difficulty increases suddenly

As the range of possibilities offered by the game increases, therefore, a drastic increase in difficulty has also made the pair which, after numerous reports from users, has been confirmed by the developers themselves. In fact, the team explained that they took advantage of the latest update to enhance all the adversaries found in the points of interest Elite, previously much more affordable.

Even the most experienced adventurers therefore could now have some difficulty in facing these enemies, which have become difficult to defeat even for players who have already reached the maximum level within the game. Many users therefore expressed their disappointment, given that this change to the game balance seemed to be very overly drastic and punitive towards the community.

For their part, the developers have defended this choice, explaining that it is a trick to keep the level of challenge of New World high. Fortunately, however, the team has also confirmed that it will work for increase the value of the rewards that can be obtained by completing the most difficult missions, an element that will certainly benefit the game’s endgame loop.

For the occasion, the studio also took the opportunity to anticipate a future update focused on the Expeditions mode, but unfortunately, no official information has yet been disclosed in this regard, although probably not long before an announcement with all the trappings.