Skyrim Anniversary Edition review: did we need it?

In this review we will analyze Skyrim Anniversary Edition, the new re-release of one of the most famous titles of Bethesda

I still remember 10 years ago when I got my hands on the first version of Skyrim. Once installed I started it immediately without thinking twice and, despite the various bugs and a not exactly exceptional combat system, a flood of emotions pervaded me. Take on the shoes of the To Dovahk with that soundtrack in the background it made me feel unstoppable. The world was at my feet and no one could stop me. But will it still be like this after 10 years? Let’s start this review on Skyrim Anniversary Edition and let’s find out together.

An Inexorable Force

As they say, as the wine ages it gets better and, in some ways, it is also good for Skyrim. We really can call it an immortal game, not so much for the mechanics that are by now really obsolete and too basic, as for the amount of things to do that, despite everything, never get tired. The magic of this game in fact lies not so much in the spectacularity of the fights, as in the adventure that is lived at each mission.

Obviously not all of them have the same degree of spectacularity or complexity, but perhaps it is even better this way. With this edition then they are added more quests and mechanics that, although they do not upset the gameplay, they give a note of difference with the past. All this pushes us to play the whole adventure again from the beginning without getting tired. In short, longevity is certainly its strong point, one Inexorable Force just like the Thu-um most famous of all.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition review: did we need it?

Not All Mountain Flowers You See – Skyrim Anniversary Edition Review

While longevity therefore finds a new lease of life when it comes to introductions, many of these leave the time they find. Let’s face it, the new Anniversary Edition it looks like a mess of mod, combined all together to further expand the stock and make the new edition interesting. Don’t take this as totally negative. But anyone like me who has played it since the early years and even spent several hours modding the game will surely understand what I’m talking about.

Already in 2016, with the arrival of the Special Edition, we saw an opening from Bethesda towards mods. In fact, society understood their importance. In some cases these added useful items, side quests and improvements even on a visual level. In short, although today the Creation Club allow us to get new weapons or various houses, before we could get the same result by spending some time and end up with Orthanc, the Black Tower of Isengard, in place of the current Golden Hills Plantation.

Obviously it is not the same thing. Definitely use the mods or the contents of the Creation Club in this way allows for better management of the game, avoiding any sudden crashes and other inconveniences. Furthermore, the fact of wanting to officially manage this content, highlights a desire on the part of the developers to expand the game rewarding the commitment of the various modders who created the contents.

While it is therefore a good move, also in this case we will end up with bugs, which will certainly be fixed, but which affect the user experience. Furthermore, although some secondary missions are very well structured and sometimes they are even too long (see for example the one relating to the expansion of the seasons), others are really short and not at all demanding.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition review: did we need it?

A Torn Soul – Skyrim Anniversary Edition Review

The innovations introduced in the game then They “tear” some features of the gameplay, renewing it in some aspects. The first difference is certainly the Survival mode which implements hunger in the character, but not only. In addition to the need to feed ourselves so as not to see our stamina decrease, we will also need to sleep and keep warm constantly. That is why, if you activate this option, you will see a new parameter in the description of the clothing.

However, even though you are wearing the warmest clothes in the game, in some areas of the map you will still feel cold and you will be forced to look for a heat source or use a flashlight, thus giving up the use of a shield or a spell. In short, not exactly the best, especially if you find yourself surrounded by enemies and you need extra protection from their blows.

The systems of hunger and sleep, although simple in terms of mechanics, are instead well managed and they guarantee us a little variety in the gameplay without affecting it too much. They are therefore not invasive at all. On the other hand we will have one significant reduction of the transportable load which will significantly limit us on the equipment to carry. To our rescue, however, come the various backpacks that can be easily forged at any forge present in the game.

Even the fishing system turns out to be very simple as a whole. Catching a fish can make you relax and you don’t have to force yourself to remember too complex mechanics. We therefore renounced a more simulative system for ensure a good pastime between adventures. However, even this system appears to have some underlying problems. In fact, it will not be possible to fish where you want, but only in certain places. As if that were not enough, you will have to carry a fishing rod to use as needed, which is quite useless if we do not head towards the indicated points.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition review: did we need it?

Fus Ro Dah

We have now reached the end of this review on Skyrim Anniversary Edition and it is time to take stock. The new edition of the game certainly introduces many new features thanks to the Creation Club. These obviously range from weapons to secondary quests, also passing through new locations and habitable houses. To better enjoy the experience we decided to start a new game to understand more or less the general difficulty level for those who decide to buy the game for the first time.

To our satisfaction we have noticed truly complex missions, not only for the length, but also for the level of the enemies that occupy the affected areas. This obviously pushes us to have to level up and then return to that place and finish the mission, perhaps even with better equipment. However, while it’s nice to find yourself with various things to do, it will initially be a succession of messengers and in no time we will find ourselves with a boundless amount of letters of all kinds. In short, for a novice player it could be really difficult to manage everything.

The innovations introduced with the Survival Mode encourage the player to adopt a different style than usual. Selecting equipment carefully each time we set out on a new mission will be important. In addition, fast travel is disabled, so if we wanted to go back to put on some warmer armor, we will have to do it on foot or with our horse. However, the developers thought well they could activate and deactivate this setting whenever we want, giving us a smoother gaming experience.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition review: did we need it?

Although therefore the game allows the player to fully experience the new innovations, there has been no progress in the graphics sector than the Special Edition and often we found ourselves with the usual bugs that have plagued this game for 10 years now. It would not have been better to spend some more energy from this point of view, also considering the fact that this edition costs a whopping 50 € if you don’t have the Special Edition?

That’s all for this Skyrim Anniversary Edition review. What do you think of this new edition? Let us know yours in the comments. For those interested in purchasing this game, we recommend taking a look at the Instant Gaming page where you will find the PC version at a slight discount. In order not to miss further reviews regarding the videogame universe, keep following the pages of!

Points in favor

  • Introducing new side quests, weapons and armor …
  • Fishing system …
  • Survival mode
  • It’s Skyrim

Points against

  • … but few contents for a reissue
  • … only in some places on the map
  • Usual bugs for 10 years
  • No graphic improvements compared to the SE
  • Price too high