Godfall classified by PEGI also on PS4: announcement coming soon?

The temporary exclusivity of Godfall for PS5 is coming to an end, and apparently the PEGI has also classified it for PS4: is an announcement coming?

The six months of exclusivity on the console front for Godfall for PlayStation 5 are coming to an end, and while there are no particular news regarding the Microsoft consoles, it seems that something is moving anyway. In the past few hours, whether it’s by mistake or because it really means something interesting, the PEG, the European classification system for video games, has also classified Godfall for PlayStation 4 in Great Britain. The title is also available on PC, but as we have already said, it was released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 on the console front, as a launch title among other things.

We have already extensively talked to you about the title of Counterplay Games and Gearbox in a detailed and curated review, which you can find by clicking here, but the half disappointment that aroused us is still present. The looter-slasher had presented itself as something innovative and revolutionary in the genre, instead turning out to be an empty, sloppy and anonymous experience. Boring fights, practically irrelevant loot because it is definitely excessive (and it’s a looter-slasher!) And completely forgettable (and forgotten) plot missions have destroyed a title that, on paper, was truly intriguing.

Will Godfall also arrive on PS4?

Therefore, a technical sector of value and greater fun if played in a cooperative with some friends was not enough, in short, Godfall has been practically forgotten by anyone who has played it. Maybe the arrival on other consoles outside the few PS5 on the market will give an additional boost to the title, and we hope so.! Because basically, although disappointing, new ideas and franchises that try to be innovative are always good for the world of video games.

We are waiting to see if Godfall will really also arrive on PS4 or was it a simple mistake of the PEGI. What do you think of it? Have you already played the title on PS5 or PC? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news on videogame and tech! And if you want to buy Godfall at a decidedly advantageous price, we suggest you take a look at the dedicated InstantGaming page that you can reach by clicking here!

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