Goodram IRDM M2AA A2 review: top performance

Goodram IRDM M2AA A2 review. Today we will find out everything about the new proposal from Goodram. A complete and versatile product

If you read our pages you will already know the Polish brand Wilk Elektronik, manufacturer of the brand Goodram, we have already presented it for some products we have reviewed. Today we offer you a new product from the brand dedicated to mobile devices or cameras. We are talking about the new IRDM M2AA A2.

A look at the product | Goodram IRDM M2AA A2 review

The IRDM M2AA A2, it’s a MicroSD with high performance, which promises important performances. The product comes in different cuts, it is possible to buy it in variants from 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB e infine ben 512GB. Comes with its own adapter.

The MicroSD in question belongs to the family SDXC, therefore with high storage capacities, we know that the formats are as follows; SD, SDHC and SDXC, the latter has long been the new standard.

Its guaranteed minimum speed (this means that microSD card will never drop below the minimum level indicated in terms of performance) it is 170 MB / s in reading, and 120 MB / s in writing. Obviously this is an Ultra High Speed ​​card, so it also has the C10 certification, for which it will never drop below 10MB / s.

The card belongs to the UHS-I U3 category, so high end. A little review of the product categories. If you are unfamiliar with evaluation standards, it is a good idea to do a little review of the theory.

Lo standard Ultra High Speed, la classe UHS-I U1: indicates a minimum speed of 10MB / s, with a Bus Speed ​​from 50 to 104MB / s. The class UHS-I U3 (the one in question): indicates a minimum speed of 30MB / s, with a Bus Speed ​​that always varies from 50 to 104 MB / s. The bar is raised with the UHS-II U1 class, which indicates a minimum speed of 10MB / s, but with a Bus Speed ​​from 156 to 312 MB / s. The class UHS-II U3, with a minimum speed of 30MB / s, and a Bus Speed ​​varies from 156 to 312 MB / s. The last two are the most used in the professional field, represent the highest end of the segment.

The IRDM M2AA A2 card as mentioned is therefore positioned in the high end of the market, certainly guarantees excellent performance, even well above the common use of a user.

The initials V30 you read instead, is relative to his standard Video Speed Class, which ranges from the minimum value of V6 recommended for video recording in maximum HD resolution, and to a maximum of V90, recommended for maximum revolution video recording 8K and 4K at 60 FPS and allows 360 ° video recording. The V30 category is recommended for recording video in 4K resolution without any stability issues.

Furthermore, the card not only boasts excellent specifications for use in the multimedia field, but also has the A2 certificate, that is, its Application Performance Class level. indicates a minimum random read speed of ben 4000 IOPS, while in random writing, i 2000 IOPS.

Therefore perfect to use as the main storage of our smartphone, (if it was equipped with expandable memory), therefore both for storing photos and videos, but above all the applications, which will avoid the annoying phenomenon of bottleneck and lag during the launch of the same.

Performance and conclusions

We say it right away, the card in question is really very fast and performing, obviously it will not be able to work miracles if inserted in an old device, as the bottleneck will be represented by the same. But we tested the MicroSD with several smartphones, Samsung, Xiomi, and OnePlus, and it never hesitated.

Performance has always been at the top, both in the application management such as heavy games, both in video shooting, in the smartphone sector, with either storage and management of 4K multimedia files and processing Raw photos in use with reflex cameras.

Here are some tests carried out with the adapter, to also evaluate the transfer performance;

Although the adapter reduces the pure performance of the device, it still remains high, and the overall quality of the product has been demonstrated, the transfer rates are always stable, and the transfers themselves take place quickly, without ever decreasing in performance. We ran BlackMagicDesign’s Disk Speed ​​Test program, and also carried out a transfer test. Internal navigation, on the other hand, or rather the operation of reading files within it, has always been very fluid, and the passage of files is sudden.

Goodram IRDM M2AA A2 review: top performance

In conclusion we absolutely recommend this product, we have nothing to report about it. If you need a not excessively expensive top-of-the-range product, which you would not exploit even in everyday life, this is a product that bridges a mid-range and very high-end product, with a strong value for money. Excellent both for use with Smartphones and cameras. The model that was sent to us is the 64GB denomination, which is priced around 24 Euros. The 128 model, on the other hand, costs around 34 Euros. Only these two pieces are available on Amazon at the moment, but the others will arrive over the months.

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Points in favor

  • Value for money
  • Performance
  • Stability during use
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