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Google Chrome: dangerous vulnerability discovered

We recommend that you update Google Chrome immediately to fix a zero day flaw used by cybercriminals for digital crimes

Google has recently released the new version 88.0.4324.150 del noto browser Chrome per Windows, Mac e Linux. The aforementioned new version adds virtually no new features. However, the importance of this update is really fundamental. Through the update, in fact, it will come fixed a dangerous zero-day vulnerability actively exploited by malicious people for sneak into systems and put in place computer crimes of different types.

The Zero-Day flaw and the update

La falla zero-day (CVE-2021-21148) is described by many as a bug “heap overflow”Of the memory that would affect the engine JavaScript V8 of the browser of the multinational of Mountain View. This same flaw, according to what Google stated on its blog, had already been used by attackers before Mattias Buelens, a security researcher, reported it to his engineering team on January 24.

Google has never gone into much detail, however there are those who hypothesize that this problem is at the basis of an important and dangerous operation of a group of hackers that would have the support of the North Korean government. However, it should be noted that this is the second problem that interests us Google Chrome, after blocking The Great Suspender extension.

Now let’s move on to the fundamental side: how to update google chrome? Updating it is really a breeze, just go to the menu by clicking on theicon with the three dots on the right. Then, from the drop-down menu, click on “Guide“And then on the item”Information on Google Chrome“. If you want to get to the same point without entering the menu, you can simply paste the following path in the address bar, except for the quotation marks “chrome: // settings / help”.

So we just have to advise you to promptly update your browsers in order not to run into unpleasant inconveniences. What do you think of this dangerous vulnerability discovered on Google Chrome? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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