Google has unveiled the new KataOS operating system

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Google has revamped its catalog of operating systems with the debut of the new one KataOS. It is an operating system meant for smart and IoT devices that deal with machine learning. Google’s KataOS is an open source project and represents the company’s response to the security needs of this sector. Here are the full details.

Google officially presents the new KataOS

KataOS just unveiled to Google uses un microkernel based on seL4. It is a solution meant for maximize security and privacy, securing the data processed by the devices that will use the new operating system.

Thanks to KataOS, IoT devices with machine learning will be able to operate even more securely. This category of products includes solutions such as smart speakers, the ability to process locally, without the need for a connection to a remote server.

In addition to the new operating system, in addition, Google also unveiled Sparrow. It is a complete reference board that provides developers with a secure hardware platform with which to contribute to the growth of the project. Further details on the project are available on the official Google blog.