Samsung Display works with new generation MicroLED panels

Samsung Display lavora a pannelli MicroLED di nuova generazione per i visori VR del futuro thumbnail

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Samsung Display has anticipated an important detail regarding its future productions: the company works at pannelli MicroLED On Silicon (LEDoS) capable of using silicon instead of the glass substrate. MicroLED panels play a central role in future of AR and VR headsets as they guarantee greater brightness than OLED panels. Samsung’s new solution aims to raise the bar for MicroLED displays for future viewers.

Samsung anticipates the arrival of MicroLED On Silicon panels for future VR and AR viewers

The new technology Samsung is working on for the future of VR and AR headsets is MicroLED On Silicon. The new MicroLED panels that use silicon will represent a fundamental element of the future, thanks to the possibility of guaranteeing greater brightness.

In the long run, moreover, Samsung aims to make panels capable of achieving one pixel density of 6,600 pixels per inch. The AR and VR viewers, according to Samsung, will have to be able to count on MicroLED panels capable of reaching at least 5000 ppi.

In the near future, therefore, the Korean company will intensify its investments. The goal is to become the absolute reference on the market by guaranteeing the highest quality panels for the viewers of the future. We’ll see if Samsung Display will hit its mark.