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Google I / O 2022, what to expect: Pixel Watch, Pixel 6A and more

The annual developer conference Google I / O 2022 is almost upon us. It will start with the keynote opening tomorrow, Wednesday 11 May, at 10 am local time (7 pm Italian time) and will continue for the next two days. The event is formally designed to let those who develop apps and programs for the various Google platforms know what to expect in the next twelve months: from Android 13 to news for Chrome, ChromeOS and all the Mountain View apps. But often the company uses this moment to present too new hardware and software of interest to all technology enthusiasts: here’s what to expect at Google I / O 2022.

Google I / O 2022: what to expect during the keynote

The programmers’ event often sees Google showcase stunning experimental designs and features never seen before on their platforms. News impossible to predict. But this year some news may come in smartwatch scope, smartphone e audio which has been rumored for some time.

In addition, some new software from Android 13 and other Google platforms are already in the air. So we thought we’d group all of our expectations here. Tomorrow during the event we will then report all the official announcements, so you can understand whether Google will surprise or disappoint us. Also because the first potentially upcoming novelty has been in the “home straight” for a very long time.

What to expect at Google I / O 2022: finally Pixel Watch?

google pixel watch fitbit min

The first noises have already started since the launch of the first Pixel smartphone in 2016. Over the past two years, it has been talked about almost obsessively. But it seems that we are finally here: Google may announce Pixel Watch at I / O 2022.

In recent months we have seen leak of design and functions, we have seen patents filed with the name of the device. Furthermore, a prototype was abandoned in a bar in Mountain View: if Google does not announce its smartwatch this year, it would be to make fun of us.

It should have a round design without frames, a 5nm chip and 32GB of storage. It looks like it will have advanced health and sports features thanks to (finally) linking to the platform Fitbit. But to understand if it can really compete with the Apple Watch, we should wait to try it on the wrist.

Pixel 6A: the upcoming mid-range Google smartphone?

google pixel 6a specifications min

Over the past three years, Google has launched a versione ‘A’ of their smartphones, to also address the mid-range of the market. One way to show that Android can perform great even without top-of-the-line hardware. And it was very successful.

It seems that this year too he wants to retrace this formula with Pixel 6Awhich should have the same processor Google Tensor older brothers but a camera from 12MP.

Google usually announces these products ad Augustbut the fact that testing has already begun and the packaging image leaked suggests that Google may announce at I / O 2022. There is no certainty, but there seems to be a good chance.

New wireless headphones

pixel buds a series 165594

A recent leak from Jon Prosser suggests that Google may be launching a new pair of true wireless headphones called Pixel Buds Pro. Not much is known about this product, other than the fact that they may be Google’s first true wireless headphones.

At the moment Google only sells the Buds A-Series, while it has divested the original Buds. It would make sense to throw a Pro model next to the economy version.

What to expect from Google I / O 2022: Pixel Fold and news for the smart home

In recent months, Google has been working a lot on the platform Android 12L, designed for larger screens such as tablet and foldable screens. At the moment there have been no rumors of a possible Mountain View tablet. Instead, we know that Google has been working on a possible foldable smartphone for years, a Pixel Fold. But the lack of rumors in the supply chain suggests that the news will only be software in this area (even if you never stop hoping).

android 12l what to expect google i / o 2022

Last year Google launched the very interesting Nest Hub (here our review), with advanced functions especially for sleep monitoring. Some rumors speak of a Nest product with detachable screen, which could do both as a smart display and a tablet. The details are few, but Google may surprise us in this area.

Android 13 and other software news

During the initial keynote, Google will also announce some of the main software innovations which will then decline over the next two days, with ongoing events one after the other.

The most awaited news concern Android 13, by far the most popular Google operating system. Up Twitter Google hinted that the Google I / O 2022 we might expect updates of safetyregarding i messages, new partnerships and updates between devices, even if we don’t know in detail what it will announce. Also we should see news in the Material Designthat’s on Twitter talked about new variable fonts and utilities to make the operating system more accessible.

Android 13 google I / O 2022 what to expect

We also expect news on WearOS, after Google announced its partnership with Samsung last year. The operating system Android TV and the software Google TV they are having a good success and we look forward to news: home fitness, video conferencing from TV and more.

There will then be two days of updates on successful services such as Google Maps, Google WorkSpace and all the vast cloud world (and supercomputing) of the Mountain View company. And as always, Google will want to surprise fans with unique news, such as the Project Starline last year, developed by the R&D teams. Maybe Google could show us a first AR / VR headset for the metaverse, although it is unlikely to launch it before 2024.

Expectations are very high and the news that will arrive many. Over the next two days we will follow the Google I / O 2022 to bring you the most interesting ones.

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