Mercedes-AMG electric car platform coming in 2025

Mercedes-AMG, una nuova piattaforma per auto elettriche sportive prevista per il 2025 thumbnail

Mercedes-AMG it will also have its own platform to develop electric cars. The sports brand of the German house will continue to use the EVA 2.0 architecture for the high-performance versions of the Mercedes EQ models, but will also have an ad hoc architecture for your own developments. This was confirmed by the head of the German giant, Ola Källeniusin a statement to an automotive news agency.

The CEO of Mercedes-AMG surprised with these words, because in truth he was asked why the deliveries of the electric models are late. Källenius indicated that the problem was due to the high demand that caused this special situation. He confirmed that Mercedes is working to shorten deadlines. Nothing really noteworthy compared to the surprise launched, which points to development of a special platform for 100% electric and very high performance carswhich will only be used by AMG.

The Mercedes-AMG electric car platform will bring totally new and independent models from Mercedes

Källenius he stressed that “We are now in full development of a fully dedicated electric architecture for AMG, from scratch.” The appointment given by Mercedes-Benz no.1 to interested parties is for the next one 19 May when the intentions of the Affalterbach house should be announced. The CEO also launched into a prediction, noting that the market preview will take place “at the end of 2025“.

mercedes amg platform electric carsOla KälleniusCEO Mercedes-Benz

From these statements it is clear that a high-level sports car will soon be proposed e without derivation from one of the Mercedes models. It would not be strange at all, an electric variant of the new one Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe. But also the successor of the sports sedan, thea Mercedes-AMG GT Sedan, model that in the initial plans aimed to become a truly “brutal” SUV. All that remains is to wait until May 19 to find out if there is already a new electric AMG in the pipeline.

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