Yamaha Tricity 125 2022 debuts with Euro 5 approved engine

Yamaha Tricity 125 2022: motore Euro 5 e più comfort di guida thumbnail

Yamaha with the Tricity 125 2022 can boast of having the only three-wheeled scooter in the 125cc segment. An option appreciated by those who want more safety and comfort and have a B license. And for 2022 in Iwata they decided to upgrade the Tricity 125 to make it even more efficient, comfortable and easy to drive.

In line with other models come l’ X-MAX 125 o l’ NMAX 125, the new Tricity 125 focuses on a sporty design that has changed very little from the previous version. For example, the vehicle floor is revised, while the rear fender is now adapted to a completely new suspension.

The new model boasts the “famous” motere Liquid-cooled 125cc Blue Core 4T, which is updated to Euro5 emissions standards. Utilizing variable valve actuation (VVA) technology, this engine develops a power of 12 CV a 8.000 giri/min. Similarly, the Start & Stop system gives the scooter a plus in efficiency by stopping the engine when the vehicle is stationary, for example at traffic lights.

Yamaha Tricity 125 2022, it is a pleasure to ride

As for the cycling part, the front uses the Ackermann LMW steering system (same as Nikken), but optimized for the 3 wheel scooter. This system features a revamped design with the tilt axis slightly offset from the steering axis. In the latter design, the left and right front wheels trace always an arc center, so that driving is more natural and intuitive. In this way, with the optimization carried out, a much safer driving is favored.

Although the chassis remains almost identical to the previous version, several improvements have nevertheless been made. These include greater longitudinal and torsional rigidity to the frame itself. Furthermore, a wheelbase extended by 60 mm and new engine mounts help improve driving comfort while dual rear shock absorbers increase travel to 90mm. To all this is added a combined braking system. This allows the braking force to be automatically distributed to the front and rear wheels when the rear brake is applied.

yamaha tricity 125 2022 lcd

Supplied with a new negative LCD screen based on that of the 300cc version, where all the main information is displayed. Finally, thinking of offering the maximum possible comfort, has keyless technology thanks to a Smart Key. In this way, as soon as the scooter detects the digital key nearby, the user can switch the ignition on and off, start the engine, unlock the handlebar and open the seat. It is a small detail, but very useful to better enjoy the scooter.

The new Yamaha Tricity 125 2022 will be available in Petrol Blue, Sand Gray and Matt Gray colors. The arrival in the dealerships is expected from next August at the list price 4,299 euros fc

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