Google renews the Search interface with Android 13

Google renews the Search interface with Android 13

Mountain View, Ca USA May 7, 2017: Googleplex – Google Headquarters office buildings with sculpture of Android on the foreground

Google continues to work on the development of Android 13 which recently recorded the debut of the Beta 2 version. The Beta 3 and Beta 4 versions will soon arrive between June and July, with a view to a release of the stable version of the operating system scheduled for the end of the summer. Meanwhile, with the latest updates, Google is taking care of minor tweaks to the interface. Confirmation comes from the latest version of Google Search. Here are the details:

Google Search renews its design with Android 13

As confirmed by a report of these hours, the search engine Google Search with Android 13 you can count on a slight restyling. The novelty concerns the search results suggested after the user has typed the desired keywords. These results will be enclosed in a frame with rounded edges, adapting to recent similar changes seen in Android 13. An example of this novelty is proposed by the screen released by 9to5Google that we report below. This novelty was introduced in version 13.20 of the Google app available with the new version of Android in beta.

Google Search

Android 13 continues its development. Over the next few weeks, Google should continue to optimize the system, taking care of the graphical details and aiming to maximize performance. The release of the stable version is getting closer and closer. We just have to wait for further news from the company over the next few weeks.

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