Microsoft: Releases cumulative update KB5014019

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Microsoft recently released a new cumulative update for Windows 11, given the timing, this is just an optional package of enhancements that users can manually download from Windows Update

L’cumulative update from Windows 11 KB5014019, include several changes noteworthy, but undoubtedly the most important is thearrival of Windows Spotlight sul desktop of Windows.

The functionality has been available for some time as part of the program Windows Insider, and now it’s about to be released for all devices Windows 11 in the production channel.

Although it is currently part of a optional upgradeand, Windows Spotlight on the desktop will become widely available when Microsoft releases the next package of Windows 11 cumulative updates during the Patch Tuesday from June 2022.

Windows Spotlight on the desktop brings the world on your desktop with new images background. With this feature, new images will automatically appear as your desktop wallpaper.

This function already exists for the lock screen. To activate this feature, go to Settings> Personalization> Wallpaper> Personalize your wallpaper.

Microsoft: Releases cumulative update KB5014019

All fixes will be part of the next Patch Tuesday cycle

There are also very important fixes for other features of Windows 11so overall this update is substantially improving the experience with the new operating system.

Addresses an issue where i widget are displayed on the wrong monitor when you pass the mouse over the icon of widgets on the taskbar.

He adds an animation to the widget icon when you click or tap the icon and the taskbar is aligned to the left. Resolves an issue affecting the rendering default Widget icon on a center-aligned taskbar.

It also solves a problem that causes blurring of app icons in search results when the dots per inch (dpi) scaling of the screen is greater than 100%. And finally it solves a problem that slows down file copying.

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