Google Stadia: the vice president leaves the project

Google Stadia Vice President and Product Manager has left the company

The platform of cloud gaming developed by Google, it once again finds itself in the spotlight. Thanks to it, users can play in streaming on various devices and share your sessions online. Despite the size of the US company, something in this project continues to does not work. In fact, since it was released in November 2019, it has lost numerous important team members. After Jade Raymond, who has created her own studio, this time to leave the family Google Stadia, was John Justice, vice president

John Justice leaves the position of vice president for Google Stadia

John Justice, who joined Google in early 2019, held the position of Stadia vice president and product manager. Its role was to oversee the experience of Stadia users and sometimes to announce some of the new features of the platform. Already in December 2020, the man had declared who would no longer talk about the future features of the product. All this, for its part, had started to avoid creating excesses of expectations in users but it ended in a much more incisive way. The vice president, in addition to having left his role in the platform Google Stadia, he also said goodbye to the company itself.

Google Stadia: the vice president leaves the project

The news was originally reported by The Information and subsequently confirmed by 9to5Google. Just a few weeks ago, Google had decided to stop all development of indoor games on Stadia, relying solely on third-party games outside the company. In the catalog there are many relevant games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077. Google is now famous for spending mountains of money in projects that turn out to be unsuccessful, creating a reputation for abandon easily your own products and services unsuccessful. The timing and manner of Justice’s departure definitely doesn’t bode well for Google Stadia.

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