Google working on a mysterious top-of-the-range Pixel

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Some rumors released in the last few hours suggest that Google is working on a mystery Pixel top of the range, which is not Pixel 7 Pro. In fact, in the specifications of the screens on theAndroid Open Source Project there are codes for three devices, not the two that Google showed a few weeks ago.

Google is working on a mysterious top-of-the-line Pixel, but it’s not the Pixel 7 Pro

Android Open Source Project publicly registers devices that companies are still testing. So come on AOSP the codes of Pixel 7 Procode name Cheetahwhich has a screen registered as C10with Panther (Pixel 7), with a display called P10.

In addition to these two smartphones, which will be the top of the range that Google will announce this fall, there are two other codenames not yet announced. Felix e Lynx, two other names of felines. One should be the new Pixel 7a while the other we do not know what device it may be. But it looks like it might be Pixel Notepadthe first foldable smartphone from Google.

Pixel 7a e Notepad however, they are not yet in the testing phase. But another device is. And use the code for the G10 display. It can’t be Pixel 7abecause it should have the screen a 120Hz seen so far in the Pro line. So this is a top of the range.

But unlike Pixel 7 Pror, it will not be built by Samsung but the Chinese supplier (including Apple) BOE. The resolution should be high to 1440×3120, while the refresh rate comes to 120Hz. The size should be from 71 × 155mm (so it can’t be the Pixel Tablet).

This device is therefore a mystery. However, it may be that Google has decided to use another supplier for the screen for production in some markets. But the more interesting hypothesis is that Google is working on one Ultra version of your smartphone, a surprise for the autumn announcement.

We will keep you updated on news. But do you have any theories? Write it to us in the comments.