Gran Turismo: here is the trailer of the new film with Orlando Bloom

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While waiting for Gran Turismo to arrive in Italian cinemas, let’s find out the trailer, cast and plot of the film inspired by the video game

It’s a golden age for TV series and movies based on video games. Super Mario Bros – The Movie (here our review) and The Last of Us are the example that this kind of show is very popular with the public, which is why we are aiming a lot in this direction. Among the most awaited films, there is certainly the one taken from Grand Touringvideo game born in 1997 and edited by Polyphony Digital, which has gone through several versions of PlayStation over the years, thanks to the eight editions of the game. Now its cinematic version is preparing to arrive on the big screen, which will bear the same title; to take care of the direction will be Neill Blomkamp. Here are all the details.

Gran Turismo: here is the trailer of the new film with Orlando Bloom

Plot and cast | Gran Turismo: here is the trailer of the new film with Orlando Bloom

Despite being based on a video game, the new film will probably tell a real story. In fact, the film will talk about Jann, a very good boy with the Gran Turismo video game, so much so that he won a series of races sponsored by Nissan. In fact, his videogame talent ignites his desire to become a racing driver even in real life. However, his dream will have to collide with it, given that the boy comes from a family of humble origins who will not recognize Jann’s talent the value it deserves. It will only be thanks to the manager Danny Moore and to coach Jack Salter that the youngster will not lose hope.

Gran Turismo will be able to count on a stellar cast. If the young Archie Madekwe will be at the helm of the plot, alongside him we will see prominent names in the serial and cinematographic panorama. Indeed there will be David Harbour (the famous Hopper from Stranger Things), Orlando Bloom (Legolas in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy, also known for playing Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean). The actress and singer is also in the cast Geri Halliwella member of the Spice Girls until 1998 and Darren Barnettknown for his role in the TV series Never have I ever….

The trailer and the first official images

It will be necessary to wait a few more months before being able to watch the film which will be released, exclusively in Italian cinemas, the September 20, 2023. In the meantime, however, the official trailer has already been published together with the first images. From these small previews, we can see that it will be a truly adrenaline-pumping film, which compares reality with the virtual world. Who knows if the protagonist will be able to give the best of both. For now there are no other updates, but we at look forward to new news about it and we’ll be here, always ready to tell you about it.

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