KitchenAid presenta la sua Gelatiera, il tuo alleato per l'estate thumbnail

KitchenAid presents its ice cream maker, your ally for the summer

To face the arrival of summer, KitchenAid proposes his Ice cream makeressential accessory that, in combination with the Planetarium Artisanwill offer ice creams worthy of the best ice cream parlors and fresh and tasty sorbets.

KitchenAid Gelatiera

The eye also wants its part: the accessories are offered together with the Planetaria in the color of the year, that is Hibiscusa pink that is energetic, bright and decidedly summery.

The KitchenAid ice cream maker it is easy to use and applies directly to the Artisan stand mixer. The product also features a 1.9 liter bowl with two easy-to-grip handles, but be careful: for best results, it will need to be frozen 16 hours before each preparation.

In fact they are so you can get an ice cream with the right consistency, i.e. soft and creamy.

However, for those who don’t have the Artisan stand mixer, the accessory also integrates perfectly with the Planetaria Hibiscusan iconic KitchenAid product, capable of mixing ingredients of all kinds in a very short time, guaranteeing excellent results thanks to its 10 speeds, the large bowl and its many optional motorized accessories that can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Planetarium Artisan

Robust, powerful and versatile, this stand mixer was designed to last a long time, thanks to the galvanized metal structure and the 5-year guarantee. Finally, it is able to perform a myriad of functions, thus proving to be an indispensable product both for small daily preparations and for more elaborate menus.

The planetary mixer is available in many colors: from yellow to blue to pistachio green.

Data sheet “HIBISCUS” planetary mixer 5KSM195PSEHI

– 5 year warranty;

– power: 300W;

– voltage: 220-240V;

– hertz: 50/60 Hz;

– number of revolutions per minute: 58-220;

– maximum mixing capacity: 1kg (8 cups) of type 00 flour or 800 gr (6 cups of durum wheat flour);

– accessories: pastry whisk, flat whisk with flexible edge, wire whisk, dough hook, 4.7 liter bowl with ergonomic handle and matte finish, 3 liter bowl. The anti-splash lid is also supplied;

– dimensioni (A x L x P): 36 x 24 x 37 cm

– price to the public: €849.00

KitchenAid accessory ICE CREAM MAKER 5KSMICM

– external bowl material: ABS plastic;

– internal bowl material: aluminum;

– bowl gasket material: silicone;

– frusta material: POM, o polyacetal;

– structure material: glass fiber reinforced nylon;

– dimensioni (A x L x P): 17,8 x 28 x 21,6 cm;

– standard accessories: bowl for 1.9 L ice cream maker, whisk, motor unit;

– public price: €169.00.

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