Grand Theft Auto VI: The development of GTA 6 reaches a vital stage

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The Grand Theft Auto saga is ready to restart (aboard stolen cars): there are important … new developments on the development of GTA 6

Would you believe it if we told you that the development of GTA 6 proceeds at a brisk pace, despite the last run to the shelf by Grand Theft Auto to close the fiscal year well? Well, that’s it. Ambitious as always, Rockstar intends to “go far beyond what we have seen so far”. As you can imagine, a multimillion-dollar saga like this can only bring with it the most disparate rumors, from the “smaller” dimensions to having a contemporary Vice City as its setting. Not for this, however, is all roses and flowers; on the contrary, according to the various insiders, the situation seems to be chaotic and tense.

GTA 6: the magazine takes you to the heart of Rockstar (hoping well for Grand Theft Auto)

So Grand Theft Auto VI is coming, and this time seriously: it confirms it Chris Klippel of Rockstar Magazine, which after talking about “a reboot of GTA 6” caused by the resignation of co-founder Dan Houser now sweetens the situation by talking about “an important stage”. In a recent tweet, Kippel stated in his mother tongue (from across the Alps, in the case) that “things should speed up” in the gears of Rockstar’s intricate mechanism. We cannot say which is the much exalted one vital stageor how vital it actually is, but at least the post bodes well.

Also according to Klippel, by the end of the year it is plausible to expect a “real announcement”, although the insider is anything but sure of an arrival before the 2025. As previous rumors have more or less predicted 2025 as the actual year of release, it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility. That said, as we already happened to do today, take all this with a proper pair of pliers. For the rest, we invite you to monitor the situation until this blessed announcement arrives. In this sense, a few more months of waiting certainly awaits us.

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