Green energy: 5 tips from Bluetti for living off-grid

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With the bills that continue to rise (+ 59% also for protected schemes), many are thinking about sustainable energy. Maybe even ad andare off-gridusing green energy produced independently with solutions such as those of Bluetti. Which offers five tips to become energy independent.

Bluetti: 5 tips to prepare for the off-grid life

A first step towards energy independence begins by giving up gas. A 100% electric housea is now possible thanks to the installation of heat pumps to heat the water and the environment with electricity. But you will have to verify that it is possible increase the power of the meter (and check that the outside temperatures are not excessive. Alternatively, you can think of air conditioners to replace the radiators.

Also you could switch to using a induction hob instead of gas, with 90% better energy yields and shorter cooking times.

Another step to take concerns the energy efficiency of the house, when buying appliances of energy class A and using LED lamps. In addition, avoid waste by making washing machines at low temperatures, unplugging devices you do not use, and defrosting the refrigerator appropriately.

Insulate (or insulate) your home with a outer coat will have an important impact on consumption. As well as replacing the fixtures to prevent heat from escaping from your home.

The next step is to acquire a photovoltaic systemperhaps taking advantage of the extension of the Home Bonus for 2022. If it were not possible to install them, you could focus on mobile photovoltaic panels to be applied to windows or other external surfaces.

But it is important, finally, to equip oneself with energy accumulators like those of Bluetti. Model AC300 allows you to connect up to 4 B300 battery modules, thus obtaining a total storage capacity 12.288Wh. Which can power, with a single module, an oven for three hours, a refrigerator for ten and a microwave for 45 meals.

Model EP600 has a maximum capacity of 79KWh and powered by battery B500. And it is capable of satisfying the average requirement for a week, without exploiting energy from the electricity grid. For more information, you can find the Bluetti website here.