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Grey’s Anatomy 18, the new episodes on Disney +

For Grey’s Anatomy – 18, as well as Station 19 season 5, new episodes will be released on Disney + starting March 23, 2022

“Grey’s Anatomy 18”, the new episodes on Disney +! There Medical drama most famous ever “Grey’s Anatomy”Saw the emergence of the season 18 and go on the air from October to January with a Christmas break. “Grey’s Anatomy 18” e “Station 19 ″ season 5 they had a fragmented programming that was not easy for the fans to manage. Both, however, fortunately, they restart from the ninth episode of the respective seasons. A suggestion: the correct viewing order to follow the plot order is starting from Station 19 5 × 09, entitled “Started from nothing“And continue with Grey’s Anatomy 18 × 09,”This is not the time to die”.

From tomorrow, the programming should continue aligned for the two series, exactly as it does every Thursday on ABC in the United States. Here is a summary provided by the Disney + twitter account.

Grey's Anatomy 18, the new episodes on Disney +

The most popular series of our time

Grey’s Anatomy”Is still considered one of the most popular series of our timeespecially in the category Medical. Now in its eighteenth season, it follows the story of Dr. Meredith Grayplayed by Ellen Pompeo for all these years. Together with her, the medical team of the Grey Sloan Memorial always ready to face daily life or death decisions. In Station 19 we follow the events of some firefighters of the Seattle Fire Station 19starring the policewoman Andy Herrera. This is the second spin-off of “Grey’s Anatomy”, after “Private Practice”.

Winner of the Golden Globe Award in 2007 for Best Drama Series and nominated for several Emmy, Grey’s Anatomy come back with the new episodes of season 18 starting tomorrow, March 23, 2022!

We leave you the promo of the crossover between “Grey’s Anatomy 18” and “Station 19 – 5”, which starts from the finale of episode 8 of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Owen’s character is in danger and the firefighters are called in to rescue him.

Do you want some more details about this Season 18? Click here and read the dedicated article!

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