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GTA 6: an insider talks about the possible release date

Recently a well-known insider revealed various information relating to the announcement of GTA 6 and its possible release date

While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, GTA 6 it’s still one of the most anticipated video games ever. At the moment almost nothing is known about the new title of Rockstar Gamesbut despite this all the fans of the series are really eager to get their hands on it.

At the moment what little we know about the game comes almost exclusively from big leak from last yearbut now it seems that gods are also being born new rumors. In fact recently a noto insider of Rockstar has revealed several information related to the announcement of GTA 6 and its possible release date.

The release date of GTA 6 could be revealed this year

Tez2 is a well-known leaker in the world of GTA who in the past has revealed various information about the series which later turned out to be trustworthy. In recent times this insider has been very active in some Grand Theft Auto forums and has shared with other users some very interesting information. The leaker seems to be certain that GTA 6 will be announced this year and he also thinks he knows the potential release date as well. Tez2 indeed claims that the game is currently scheduled for the end of 2024but does not exclude that it could also be postponed to the first months of 2025.

GTA 6: an insider talks about the possible release date

According to the words of the insider also it seems that Rockstar is working hard to get the title out as soon as possible and that for this reason it stands cutting some content that should have been present at the launch, by then later release them as DLC. All this information is very interesting and can give hope to those who are very eager to see something of the new Rockstar title but, although Tez2 has proven itself in the past, vI suggest you don’t rely too much on his words. In fact, at the moment there is no way to verify what the insider said and consequently it is always better to consider this information as just baseless rumours.

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