GTA Trilogy: PC game retired from the Rockstar store

It seems that there are some problems related to the launch of GTA Trilogy: due to a malfunction of the Rockstar Games Launcher that has been going on for several hours, the game is unplayable and therefore has been temporarily withdrawn from all online stores for PC

The Definitive Edition of GTA Trilogy, and unfortunately this launch seems to be bringing with it some problems to keep an eye on. In addition to the gameplay that was unveiled the day before launch, now apparently GTA Trilogy for PC it was withdrawn from the Rockstar online store, due to some malfunctions that are making Rockstar Games Launcher totally unusable. Let’s see the details below!

GTA Trilogy retired from the stores, when will we review the PC version?

The Rockstar Games Launcher for PC appears to be offline for about 18 hours, making all your games inaccessible: not only therefore GTA Trilogy (which has been specifically withdrawn from the official store), but not even GTA V nor Red Dead Redemption 2 can even be launched at this time. Shortly after the service went offline, the official Twitter account Rockstar Support has proceeded to publish the official communication.

After 14 hours from the first tweet, still the same account thanked the community for the patience in waiting for the launcher problems to be solved. It was therefore not presented no official explanation about the reasons for this long down period, and therefore the only thing left to do at this point is wait. Meanwhile, many have appeared online criticisms against the company and its policies related to Rockstar Games Launcher.

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