GTA Trilogy: Rockstar shows screenshots on Nintendo Switch

Rockstar keeps interest in GTA Trilogy high, releasing various screenshots for the version of the remaster available on Nintendo Switch

In the last few days, a lot of information has been given regarding the remaster of the three most iconic titles of Grand Theft Auto, respectively GTA: San Andreas, GTA: Vice City Stories and GTA: III. By now we have a pretty complete picture of what players can expect, among several obvious ones graphical improvements and technical, with more modern controls and a further increased resolution. These differences are especially notable from comparative images available on the net, even if in all there are only the most “performing” console versions, such as PlayStation and Xbox. However, with the recent screenshots posted by Rockstar, you finally have a chance to see as GTA: The Trilogy will also present itself in portability on Nintendo Switch.

GTA: Trilogy, screenshots of the Nintendo Switch version

The arrival on Nintendo Switch was also accompanied by a rumor that underlined how the well-known trilogy would be published on the console through Nintendo itself, and not by the development house. In addition, this edition of the game would require an available memory space not a little for the console: in fact, according to the Nintendo eShop page, the digital version will require at least 25.4 free gigabytes. This detail has given rise some perplexities on how Rockstar will act with regards to the physical format, which will find the release in December. However, the preload of the title has recently been made possible on all consoles except for the PC, where users will inevitably have to wait for the launch date.

To pass the wait until the release date, Rockstar released this time of the first screenshots made on the Nintendo Switch of GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, where they are observable the characters of the series engaged in various activities, such as Claude wandering around Liberty City’s China Town in GTA: III, CJ of San Andreas who is on the run from the police, Tommy Vercetti and Ken Rosenberg conversing in the office. They are also present various scenarios, including Vinewood, the city of celebrities, and the iconic streets of Vice City. GTA: The Trilogy will be released digitally on November 11, while the physical one will be available from December 7.

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