GTPlayer GT002 review: the entry-level gaming chair

In this review we will talk about a gaming chair, more precisely GTPlayer GT002: the best-selling company “GTRacing”

In recent years, the fashion of “gaming gears” has become more and more depopulated. If at first a CRT TV, a console and the floor as a seat were enough, the needs have changed. Whether we are talking about console gamer or PC gamer, it does not matter, the search for the greatest possible comfort while playing has become an indispensable prerogative.

The place where the gamer spends most of his time is necessarily his own chair. If the latter is unsuitable, there are many problems we can run into. Between back pain, poor posture and so on, choosing a good seat to play or work on is essential. What we got to test is the model GTPlayer GT002, the best-selling chair of GTRacing, proposed at a very competitive price. Find out if he convinced us or not during this review!

Specifications and assembly | GTPlayer GT002 review

Here are the technical specifications of the GTPlayer GT002 chair, available in colors: gray, bianca, rosa, rossa, blu e viola:

  • Seat width: 39cm
  • Overall width: 70cm
  • Seat depth: 50cm
  • Backrest height: 82,5cm
  • Total height: 135cm
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Maximum load: 135 kg
  • Seat height from the ground: minimum 40cm, maximum 49cm.
  • Backrest reclining up to 180 ° (90 ° to 180 °).

Contained in a large cardboard box, the chair arrives decomposed into ben 15 pieces, in addition to the cervical and lumbar pillows. Despite the disastrous conditions of the packaging (made such by the rough couriers), the protective packaging from which each section of the chair was wrapped, allowed the latter to arrive without scratches or various damages. In addition to the various components that make up the chair, one is included in the pack package with screws inside, some plastic caps and one Allen key black color.

The editing kept us busy for about half an hour in two people. The reason does not lie in the particular complexity of the actions required, being guided among other things by the handy leaflet, which has accompanied us step by step. Our not-so-quick installation was mainly down to the holes in the fake leather that often did not match perfectly with those in which to insert the screws, forcing us to force some component or press it to the chair with the help of our shoulder.

Design and materials | GTPlayer GT002 review

This from GTRacing is, aesthetically speaking, one of the most classic gaming chairs on the market. With a design that is not the most original, have it well 6 different colors to choose from it is definitely a positive note. In all sincerity, however, we didn’t mind the “sports car seat” design, improved even more by the black and purple color of the model we tested.

All GTPlayer GT002 have the same design, with the completely black base and some details on the sides of the backrest and seat of variable color according to our choice. On top of the backrest and on the two cushions there are the “GTPlayer” logos sewn. The only model to change the background color is the one in Pink which is basically white, with pink details.

The material that covers the whole armchair is an eco-leather of a not very high workmanship. With a classic and almost smooth texture, this faux leather it turns out really subtle, with the risk of creases in case of constant use. This is, among other things, a non-breathable material, which forces us to use a cover on hot summer days, unless we want to sweat more than we should or stay glued to the chair. The pro of this eco-leather is the extreme ease of cleaning since it does not retain liquid bodies and is really difficult to stain.

The two armrests adjustable are made in a kind of quite hard matte rubber, while the underside is made of plastic. Plastic which is present in numerous components, such as the base and the wheels, various covers for the mechanisms, in addition to the glossy finish through which the elastic bands of the two cushions pass. The latter are covered with the same eco-leather as the armchair and both have the GTPlayer logo on them. Instead, the padding varies, in sponge for the lumbar cushion, while in wadding for the cervical one. These padding I’m replaceable thanks to the hinges on the back of the cushions: not a bad detail.

The model we tested did not have any errors either with regard to the seams, or at least aesthetic.

A fragile shell, but a solid heart | GTPlayer GT002 review

Although the “external” materials did not convince us very much, the chair is really solid. The main components in fact enjoy a better construction which gives this armchair a good sturdiness. The internal skeleton is made of metal, as well as the class 4 hydraulic piston which serves both to support our weight and to lower or raise the seat. The base of the chair, even being made of plastic like the wheels, did not offer us strange tricks even when we used the fully reclined backrest.

Also the mechanism that allows you to stretch the back up to 160 ° is very well made. The convenient lever positioned on the right will allow us, once activated, to pull the backrest down by pressing against it, or to pull it up simply by getting up. Same thing for the lever used to trigger the piston in order to raise or lower the seat, also placed on the right side.

The adjustments don’t end there. There is in fact another device that will allow us to manage the rocking. Placed exactly below the mechanism aimed at adjusting the height there is a knob that if turned clockwise will decrease the oscillation of the base, while rotating it counterclockwise the swaying will increase.

Despite the problems in the assembly phase, once everything is fixed, the chair will not emit strange squeaks. This is a point not to be underestimated given that often, entry-level armchairs tend to have errors that compromise stability or, in fact, risk emitting annoying noises.

Comfort and use | GTPlayer GT002 review

Already from our first game session we were quite surprised by the comfort really not bad that this chair has to offer. Let’s start from padded seat in sponge which succeeds in hold up very well, not going to give way as the hours go by. The seat is therefore quite stiff and which can be both a pro and a con. The cons is that, in our case, it happened to have to take breaks during quite long sessions due to its not so soft nature.

Nothing to sayinstead about the backrest. Comfortable and ergonomic, the latter has more than just dimensions. In fact, it does not annoyingly wrap our back and it does not appear to be too “flattened”. Going to calibrate then its inclination will prove comfortable in several different scenarios.

As we mentioned previously, there are also two cushions: one for the cervical tract (padded with wadding) and one for the lumbar area (padded with sponge). Both pillows they will be installable and adjustable thanks to the rubber bands they are equipped with. With all sincerity we really appreciated the one that can be placed behind the neck, while we hardly ever used the lower one which, given the material inside, turned out to be a bit uncomfortable. As previously mentioned, however, both cushions are removable and therefore we can change the padding according to our preferences.

Another small negative note concerns the elbow rests which are adjustable in 6 different height positions. Nothing unpleasant so far, but the lack of rotation and width adjustment are, for us, a lack. This because it seemed to us that the aforementioned armrests were really wide from each other.

Who should buy this gaming chair?

GTPlayer GT002 is GTRacing’s best-selling chair. One of the main reasons is certainly the price at which it is offered: € 179.99 from the price list. In reality, however, both on Amazon and on the official website, the model is often offered with very advantageous discounts.

Clear that a €140,00 the speech changes. This is an entry-level product which, despite some shortcomings, has several strengths. It is in fact by comparing it with the armchairs present in this price range that it manages to stand out and have an extra gear.

GTPlayer GT002 is a gaming chair designed for all those users who are looking for the features present in sessions of this type, but who do not want to meet too exhaustive spending and know how to compromise.

The entry-level that does its duty

Points in favor

  • Solid construction
  • Immediate and efficient mechanisms
  • Comfort really not bad
  • Simple but effective design

Points against

  • Some inaccuracies made assembly difficult
  • Non-breathable and warm eco-leather
  • Elbow rests not rotatable and not adjustable in width
  • Slightly stiff seat and lumbar cushion
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