Guilty Gear Strive: revealed the character introduced by the DLC

Arc System Works has revealed the identity of the new playable character of Guilty Gear Strive, which is included in the contents of the next DLC

Comes from Arc System Works, the studio that developed the game, the confirmation of the identity of the new character playable of Guilty Gear Strive, which will be introduced to the roster at the same time as the release of the first DLC dedicated to the title. The update comes to consolidate the success of the fighting game, which exceeded expectations and saw Guilty Gear Strive sell a significant number of copies in a relatively limited time.

Guilty Gear Strive: the details of the character introduced by the DLC

To introduce players to Guilty Gear Strive the character that will be added to the roster with the advent of the DLC, a presentation trailer. From it we learn what the new fighter’s name is Goldlewis Dickinson, and that he works for the US government in the role of Secretary of Absolute Defense. Dickinson made his in-game debut in the story mode, where he was present as an NPC. His fighting style, as we learn from the video, is characterized by very powerful but not particularly fast shots.

The release date of the DLC has been set for the next one July 27, it will therefore be possible to play with Goldlewis Dickinson as of the end of the current month. The trailer also provided us with aindication on the dates on which future new characters will be made available. The first will come to August, while the next will be playable towards the end of the year. Two additional fighters will be introduced during 2022, along with two new arenas it’s a new chapter for story mode. Guilty Gear Strive is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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