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The last frontier of gaming: mixed reality games

From Squid Games to online casinos, the present of the gaming chain is the one that looks at the union between Virtual Reality and real reality, a unique mix to create new opportunities for interaction and expansion for the gaming sector

It’s called Mixed Reality, but said in English it has a completely different flavor: Mixed Realityalso known by its abbreviation MR. This is the last frontier of the great gaming supply chain, an industry that has united its fortunes with those of technology, digital and development. From this alliance came the new perspective that unites the real and virtual worlds, allowing the creation of new spaces and the real-time coexistence of physical and digital people.

To do this you need technical tools, of course, such as for example Microsoft HoloLens lenses, a real fully autonomous holographic computer, or Oculus Quest 2, which also allows you to track your hands and digitize your movements in real time. But progress does not stop there and also unites different sectors.

The case of Squid Game

One of the latest news of games in Mixed Reality is the one that comes from SandBox VRa US company that promises to publish the video game linked to the famous Netflix TV series “Squid Game” by the end of the year.

“Our mission – explained Steve Zhao, CEO of the company – is to bring people together through world-class immersive experiences. What could be more fitting than ‘Squid Game’, the most shared and discussed television series of recent years? It’s an incredible opportunity to partner with Netflix to give these fans a chance to be transported into the world of the show.”

According to Sandbox VR, the idea behind VR gaming is to deliver an even greater sense of realism than in the series. And to do this, the game will use the motion tracker to allow players to move around the virtual location. In this way, you will have the feeling of being truly inside the game and being able to interact with the surrounding environment. But that is not all.

Sandbox VR also announced the use of bHaptic TactSuit, a tactile suit capable of making the player feel physical sensations. In this way, the player will be able to feel firsthand the consequences of their actions within the game, making the experience even more engaging. An even greater realism than what happens in the series, with one aspect not to be underestimated: the thrill of playing without the risk of actually dying.

VR online casino

But to look at the future of gaming, you don’t need to go far, between Korea and the United States, but just stay at home. Augmented Reality applied to gaming is being tested and could help increase the current offer of Italian online casinos, creating a simulated environment but at the same time capable of transmitting unique, hyper-realistic sensations to users. Indeed, thanks to the use of earphones and special software, users will be able to interact with each other as if they were actually in a casino. This could make the gaming experience more engaging and enjoyable, improving customer loyalty and the reputation of the online casinos themselves.

Furthermore, augmented reality could be used to offer a safer and more responsible gaming experience. For example, an online casino could use augmented reality to monitor player behavior and provide real-time responsible gambling advice. A new frontier of gaming, of course, but also a new way of spending free time and having fun. Combining everyday reality with the virtual one.

For further updates and news from the tech world and beyond, continue to tune into the pages. Hello and see you soon!

Stefania Romagnoli is a dedicated writer who delves into the world of video game news. With a profound passion for gaming, Stefania keeps readers informed and up-to-date on the latest developments, announcements, and trends within the gaming industry.