Half Life: Valve talks about rumors about Citadel, a possible new game for Steam Deck

Valve wanted to release statements regarding the existence of Citadel, a rumored new game based on the world of Half Life

YouTuber Tyler McVicker a few days ago speculated on the possibility of a new Half Life game, nicknamed Citadel, which would be arrived as an exclusive on the future console by Valve, the Steam Deck. Tyler argued that the project in question would be a hybrid of the first-person shooter genres and RTS, and would find its foundation within the studio’s well-known franchise. He had described it as a mix between various titles, including Left 4 Dead, Alien Swarm, and Half Life itself, and which was initially designed to have an asymmetrical co-op component through virtual reality.

Citadel, Half Life’s new spiritual game

The information that was disseminated by McVicker would be originated from datamines from software regularly updated by Valve, as well as from his personal research on the Citadel project, which he has been carrying on since 2018. This new game inspired by Half Life would therefore offer the possibility of being able to best show what the console of Valve would have to offer, and speculating on a potential release date of Citadel Tyler believed that it would show up anyway in the not too distant time, assuming a launch window inside the next two years.

Half Life: Valve talks about rumors about Citadel, a possible new game for Steam Deck

However, Valve’s intervention itself puts a stop to these rumors: it wanted to declare through IGN as the YouTuber had no access to inside information in any way of study. Furthermore, users are advised to take with a good dose of skepticism the content that Tyler has brought to the attention of his subscribers. Valve also wanted to reiterate how important announcements about its projects will always come in any case through their official channels.

While these statements have not directly denied the existence of Citadel, they in any case lead fans not to create false expectations, especially due to unlikely leaks or rumors. After the release of Half Life: Alyx for VR last year, we could see how Valve is still willing to experiment with its famous franchise, but that doesn’t mean that a sequel is still among its programs, neither current nor future.

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