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Halloween 2023: the best 10 horror series to watch on Netflix

Thrill-seekers and sleepless nights lovers, here is a special for you on the 10 best horror series to enjoy on Netflix. For an even scarier Halloween

With a splendid autumn now complete, even the most terrifying night in history begins to make itself felt. For a thrilling Halloween, let’s discover together the 10 best horror TV series available on Netflixto be enjoyed comfortably from home.

Between monsters, scares and loud screams (without forgetting the inevitable pumpkins and characteristic disguises); a thrilling evening to immerse yourself in the pure terrifying atmosphere. Below is the list of the best titles in this dedicated special.

10-Cabinet of Curiosities | the best 10 horror series to watch on Netflix

Imagine your mind as a locker where you lock your darkest thoughts and deepest fears

We begin this long journey of the best horror series available on Netflix with the anthology series Cabinet of Curiosities. Directed by the great maestro Guillermo del Toro; the greatest fears take shape in the disturbing stories depicted.

With the contribution of the most famous creators of horror stories, including the directors of Babadook, Splice, Mandy and many others; we find ourselves transported into eight stories ranging from the macabre to the grotesque, to the point of touching the light on a sophisticated and horrifying restlessness, in the way that only del Toro could do.

9- The Haunting of Hill House | the best 10 horror series to watch on Netflix

For a thrilling Halloween, the successful horror series could not be missing The Haunting of Hill House. Created by Mike Flanagan, loved by all Netflix users; a horror series that can make you tremble and jump out of your seat. Characterized as a modern retelling of Shirley Jackson’s legendary novel The Nightmare on Hill House; we find as protagonists five brothers and sisters who grew up in the house believed to be the most haunted in America.

The ghosts of the past will return to torment them, shaking the deepest and darkest souls of every soul; with just one question: is all this real or a figment of the imagination?

8- Midnight Mass| the best 10 horror series to watch on Netflix

Another great title added to our horror list is the turn of the series Midnight Mass. Born from the same creator of The Haunting of Hill House, Mike Flanagan; Midnight Mass focuses on the events of a small community living on a remote island.

The unexpected return of a disgraced young man (Zach Gilford) and the arrival of a charismatic priest (Hamish Linklater) amplify internal disagreements and tensions, until the appearance of Father Paul. Inexplicable and miraculous events begin to spread across the island of Crockett, raising religious fervor within the community.

7- Marianne | the best 10 horror series to watch on Netflix

Directly from France, here is a horror series starring Victoire Du Bois. Available on Netflixthe Serie Marianne focuses on the story of Emma, ​​a young writer of horror novels, in which the heroine Lizzie fights against Marianne. But who really is Marianne? Are you a figment of your imagination? It doesn’t seem so…

One day the young woman meets an old friend who begs her to return to her hometown, because what she says in the novels is really happening. This is just the beginning of meeting the demons of your past.

Eight thrilling episodes, created by Samuel Bodin con Victory Du Bois e Lucie Boujenah.

6- Stranger Things | the best 10 horror series to watch on Netflix

Between the 10 best horror series recommended by us available are Netflixthe great success title could not be missing Stranger Things. The wonderful eighties brought back into vogue thanks to Duffer Brothers, within the seemingly quiet town of Hawkins. A group of four nerdy kids and their families, whose lives are turned upside down by strange supernatural phenomena. The dark dimension parallel to our world, populated by monstrous creatures that stirs deep fears everywhere.

with ben 5 candidature ai Golden Globe e 41 candidature to Emmy, including 3 for best drama series, 2 for best supporting actress; counts as lead actors Winona Ryder, David HarbourFinn Wolfhard, Millie BrownGaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Natalia Dyer, Cara Buono, Charlie Heaton, and Matthew Modine.

5- The fall of the house of Usher | the best 10 horror series to watch on Netflix

Among the suggested horror series titles, we add The Fall of the House of Usher. Ddiabolical series now available on Netflix, also created by Mike Flanagan. The story lays its foundation by drawing inspiration from the works of the great and iconic Edgar Allan Poe. A story of fear, privilege and power.

The protagonists are the ruthless brothers Roderick and Madeline Usher, at the head of Fortunato Pharmaceuticals, an empire of wealth, privilege and power. But when the heirs of the dynasty begin to die at the hands of a mysterious woman he met in his youth, the secrets of the past come to light.

4- Ratched | the best 10 horror series to watch on Netflix

As we near the end of our Halloween special, the series is added to the list Ratched. Available on Netflixa story full of suspense and drama. Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan are ready to show us the origins of Mildred Ratched, a young nurse who arrives in California in 1947 with the hope of working in the prestigious psychiatric hospital. Between experiments considered cutting-edge and the exploration of the human mind pushed to the limits of the impossible; Mildred has a secret mission to complete and presents herself as the perfect picture of a passionate nurse.

What they don’t know is how her apparent elegance begins to show the true dark nature that has been growing inside her for some time, proving that monsters are not born, but become.

3- We are no longer alive | the best 10 horror series to watch on Netflix

After the success achieved with Squid Game, directly from Korea on our Netflix platform, we suggest the horror series We are no longer alive. A group of young students from a South Korean high school become trapped following a sudden zombie epidemic.

Fruit of a failed experiment by a science professor at the institute; young people will have to fight for their survival, clashing with the character and adolescent problems typical of today. Consisting of 12 episodes with a maximum duration of 70 minutes; a different zombie story than usual. Excellent for spending a Halloween evening full of twists and turns.

2- The Midnight Club | the best 10 horror series to watch on Netflix

Among the horror titles suggested for the scariest Halloween night in history, it is a must to mention The Midnight Club. Made by Mike Flanagan per Netflix; draws inspiration from the novel of the same name by Christopher Pike, moving the threads of the series, about a group of terminally ill kids who meet every evening at midnight in the library of the hospital where they are hospitalized.

Looking for signs from the afterlife, among the young people there is one and only rule: the first of the group to die must find a way to communicate with the friends who remain alive.

A story capable of addressing the delicate topic of terminal illness and its sufferingin an ironic, innovative and intelligent way, mixing dramatic tones and scenes full of tension.

1- Hellbound | the best 10 horror series to watch on Netflix

Last but not least, the series Hellbound is ready to keep you glued to the screen. Always available in the vast Netlflix catalogue; directly from Seoul the infernal story that turns the world into hell. In the quiet South Korean town we witness some fmysterious and surreal phenomenaleaving the entire population stunned.

A ghostly figure appears before some citizens, announcing the day and exact time of their death, communicating to them the sad fate that awaits them in the flames of hell. On the exact day, three ghostly and terrifying figures show up promptly and brutally kill and burn the unfortunate person. A religious fervor begins to spread among the terrified population, driven by the belief that these are Angels who have come to punish sinners.

Everything seems to change when the announcement of the death is made to a child born just 24 hours earlier.

Premiered at Toronto International Film Festivalthe series consists of six episodes and is directed by Yeon Sang-ho.


As well highlighted in this long list of the best horror series for a scary Halloween; Netflix offers a wide variety of horror titles to enjoy comfortably alone or in company.

Let us know your opinion on the best Halloween movie to watch on Netflix in the comments!

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