Halo Infinite: 343 Industries shows new images from the game

In the latest Community Update on Halo Infinite, 343 Industries showed the public some new images of Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite he showed himself to the public with some new images. 343 Industries continues to keep their fans updated with Monthly updates in which we talk about the progress in the development of the game. The Microsoft exclusive wait had been the protagonist of a disappointing presentation during the summer, but is preparing to be talked about during E3 and other sector fairs.

Halo Infinite shows itself in new ultrawide images

As you can see from the new images of Halo Infinite, the game on PC will support Ultrawide configuration, up to a ratio of 32: 9. This is not a simple port of the console version, but of a version developed specifically for personal computers, which will allow developers to incorporate many advanced graphics features. The arrival of the Master Chief Collection on Steam also brought with it some problems to fix, which allowed the software house to become familiar with the world of PCs.

Halo Infinite: 343 Industries shows new images from the game

Halo Infinite, however, it is a very ambitious title. Its multiplayer will be completely free and the game will support the Cross-Platform ed il Cross-Play. This means that it will be possible carry saves from one version to another and most importantly, that Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC users will be able to play with each other even on different platforms. The new adventure of Master Chief looks like a work potentially capable of make the most of the ecosystem created by Microsoft During the years.

What do you think of this title? You appreciated its presentation trailer from last year? We will probably know more in a few months. Meanwhile, if you want to buy one of the chapters of the series at a discounted price, you could take a look at Instant-Gaming. To stay informed on the world of technology and video games, however, continue to follow us on the pages of TechGameWorld.com.