Halo Infinite: Battle Pass progression among 343 Industries’ priorities

The progression of the Battle Pass within Halo Infinite multiplayer remains a major concern for users, but 343 Industries seems to have taken the problem in hand

Halo Infinite is now very close to its official release date. To pass the wait, the studio that deals with the development of the title, 343 Industries, wanted to make the multiplayer mode in a beta version accessible to those who already wanted to start playing, also allowing them to also take advantage of the rest of the users. However, from the start in trying this mode there was a clear problem in the progression system of Halo Infinite, regulated through a Battle Pass characterized by a very slow advance.

343 Industries’ intentions on Battle Pass progression and multiplayer

Among the aspects that give users more discomfort, there is the need for excessive and downright boring grinding, which is also accompanied strong monetization to gain more experience and thus increase the level of the Battle Pass. 343 Industries’ head of design, Jerry Hook, wanted to release some statements on Twitter about the problem of the progression of Halo Infinite, going to confirm the feelings that players feel in facing the challenges within the Battle Pass. He has indeed written that he is playing Halo, and of having clearly perceived the reasons behind the complaints which have been raised in recent days; therefore, he says this will be one of the priorities that will be addressed by the team over the course of the next week.

The studio had taken a little hiatus to celebrate Thanksgiving, but continued to receive player feedback, community manager Brian Jarrard said last week. The giving 50XP after completing matches it is to be considered only as the first step, and the system will continue to evolve over time. Meanwhile, what will be the February multiplayer event within Halo Infinite seems to have been leaked, and over the seasons that will be released in the following months more and more content will be added, including weapons, armor, modes and much more. other. Halo Infinite will officially release on December 8, 2021, although the multiplayer mode is already available from November 15.

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