Halo Infinite Campaign Trailer Available!

During a dedicated showcase, Microsoft and 343 Industries showed new material on the Halo Infinite campaign, also disclosing a spectacular trailer that does nothing but raise the hype bar.

Microsoft’s exclusive title park is about to expand with two prestigious releases that are highly anticipated by most gamers. If Forza Horizon 5 officially sees the light in November, in December we will finally be able to get our hands on the already postponed and talked about Halo Infinite. Despite a troubled development to say the least, the new chapter of the 343 Industries franchise has all the spotlight on it, especially considering the many years spent by Guardians. The title will arrive next December 8 on PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, and in recent days an overview trailer of the PC version was shown, while the rumors about a possible showcase dedicated to the Campaign, which for now has shown very little or nothing, were intensifying. Until today.

In fact, announced this morning, a live event by Microsoft and 343 Industries was broadcast starting at 3pm in Italy dedicated exclusively to the Halo Infinite single player campaign. We already know that at launch, in addition to some technical features of the PC version, the Forge mode and the ability to play in co-op will be absent, all features coming with subsequent patches. Available, however, in addition to the multiplayer will obviously be the campaign, which in the course of this showcase has shown itself with a new and amazing trailer. We leave it for you below.

The Halo Infinite campaign finally shows itself in a trailer

The events narrated by the Halo Infinite campaign pick up exactly where we left off with Guardians. The trailer shows different sections of the game, including shootings, mid-bosses and bosses and scurrying aboard vehicles of various kinds, from tanks to light aircraft. In short: everything you could expect from a Halo single player campaign. The question to which the Master Chief will finally have to answer is: “Where’s Cortana?”. We will find out only starting next December 8th.

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