Halo Infinite: here is the new trailer for settings and ultrawide monitors

The latest trailer showcases some features of Halo Infinite: here’s what’s new in the fast-paced 343 Industries shooter

The development team 343 Industries has just released a new trailer for the PC version of Halo Infinite. The video makes no secret of the extensive optimization work poured into the title for the computer market release, giving us a quick glimpse of all the various settings. There is really something to indulge every player’s palate, from the various parameters for the resolution to the vibration of the screen. Of course, we will also be able to customize the minimum (as well as maximum) numbers of frames per second, among many other things. we have included the video below for you.

The new trailer for Halo Infinite

In case you were wondering what on earth this port could offer again, you will be pleased to know that an intriguing feature for the PC version of Halo Infinite stands out in the trailer. After all, it’s interesting to see the creative process for implementing AI support monitor ultrawide. 343 Industries, the development team, specified that “it’s not about seeing less at the top and bottom of the screen, it’s about seeing more left and right.” Other games do not do this for “performance reasons”, while the PC version of this particular title is not so much a “port” as it is a total reconstruction.

To make everything even more impressive is the primacy we are talking about: it is in fact the first time that a chapter of the series comes out simultaneously on consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S) and PC. The game allowed itself one last postponement, but theDecember 8 will be available both for purchase and, free of charge, for all Game Pass members. The November 15 a special live broadcast dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the saga will be waiting for us. Until then, the trailer for Halo Infinite will keep us company, which also discusses other features such as latency, fight against cheaters, keyboard input and much more.

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