Grey’s Anatomy 18 streaming on Disney +: the reasons not to miss it

Grey’s Anatomy 18: streaming on Disney + from Wednesday 27 October the new episodes of the historic medical drama, to the delight of many viewers, will be available weekly on the Disney streaming platform

The wait is over. The new season of the famous series created by Shonda Rhimes and starring Ellen Pompeo, also comes out in Italy. We will be able to watch it every week starting next October 27th.

As we remember well, the series (which has its debut date in 2005) narrates the vicissitudes of Meredith Gray, our “blonde” protagonist. Set at “Seattle Grace Hospital,” the beautiful surgery intern’s life is constantly challenged by the hard life in the hospital. In work, as in personal life, good and bad moments alternate in a frame of passionate, engaging and fundamental relationships for his career.

New broadcaster: ABC

An interesting choice is the one that sees the surname of the protagonist, Meredith Gray, being a clear reference and reference to Henry Gray, author of the famous medical manual of anatomy Gray’s Anatomy. The series was conceived by Shonda Rhimes who is also an executive producer. Together with her also Betsy Beers, Mark Gordon, Krista Vernoff, Rob Corn, Mark Wilding and Allan Heinberg. Although set in Seattle, it was filmed in Los Angeles, California and is considered to be among the series that brought US television broadcaster ABC back to success.

This is important because, after several years of being broadcast on Sky’s Fox and NOW’s streaming platform, the series goes to ABC Signature which is part of Disney Television Studios. The debut in the USA took place on September 30th. Finally the 18th season of the perhaps the most famous medical series ever produced.

Grey’s Anatomy 18 but why watch it?

If you are not afraid of the “spoiler” and are impatient to know some details or anticipation, we leave you some news. Among the biggest is certainly the return of Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery. Abigail Spencer will also return as Dr. Megan Hunt but there will be many other surprises, especially for Meredith.

In addition to the technical details, previews and information, however, we all know that it would be a shame to miss this intriguing season 18. We will have the opportunity to enjoy each episode on one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world today. Disney + will allow us to immerse ourselves again in that dimension full of human emotions of all kinds (considering that we have seen “all colors” in the series). But above all because maybe it will be an opportunity to watch what could be the final season. Affectionately greeting Meredith and all the characters who have accompanied us over the years.

We just have to wait until next Wednesday and wish you a fantastic vision! And, if you want a summary of the previous seasons, we recommend our dedicated article!

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