Halo Infinite: the campaign will not allow you to get armor for multiplayer?

From the latest datamining of Halo Infinite it emerged that from the campaign it should not be possible to obtain armor for multiplayer

The progression of the Battle Pass from Halo Infinite It has been one of the rare times in which the game has so far been widely criticized by players since its beta launch last week. In addition, many players were hoping that playing and making progress in the countryside for single player of the shooter would have been another valid method to unlock the cosmetics that could be used in the multiplayer from Halo Infinite. Now, however, a recent datamining in the game code it would seem to suggest that armor and more for the multiplayer component cannot be obtained in this way. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Halo Infinite: the latest leak excludes obtaining armor for multiplayer from the single-player campaign

As shared by the user @ChazJackal on Twitter, it appears that the cosmetic item drops of the countryside from Halo Infinite they will not include rebar parts for the component multiplayer of the game. There will be a total of 34 unlockables, if this datamining proves valid, which will include coatings for weapons, vehicles and armor, as well as several emblems and a couple of weapon charms.

343 Industries has begun to “fix” the progression of the game’s Battle Pass and claims that many more fixes are on the way, but if the leak we proposed should prove to be true, many will undoubtedly be disappointed that unlockable armor will not be available in the campaign, especially since the vast majority of those in multiplayer are limited to Battle Pass for a fee. If all of this is really accurate, then hopefully 343 Industries will listen to the feedback and make any necessary changes. For now, anyway, take this information with quite a few pliers reinforced.

Halo Infinite recently entered the phase Gold and will launch for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC theDecember 8. Recently, we told you about the new character of the “Spartan killer” Jega included in the game and from the point of view of Phil Spencer on the postponement of the highly anticipated Microsoft title.

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