Halo Infinite: The game’s lore revealed with the UNSC Archives trailer series

A new promotional trailer for Halo Infinite in live action style, titled UNSC Archives, reveals some details about the history of the game

Still more than a month separates us from the arrival of Halo Infinite, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to push even more. on the marketing aspect of the game. And it is precisely for this reason that 343 Industries and Microsoft are releasing rather quickly various new information regarding the new title of the saga, with several gameplay videos of the multiplayer and singleplayer part of the game, also providing information in advance. more than useful, such as compatibility requirements and the monitors that will be supported. But between the trailers and videos released so far, this time something a little bit has come out more particular: this is a live-action video, which appears to be part of Halo Infinite’s “UNSC Archives” series, and is titled “Unspoken”.

The trailer for the UNSC Halo Infinite Archives and the origins of the saga

In this hypothetical first of a series of trailers included in the collection of “UNSC Archives”, he deepens the lore which defines Halo Infinite, and more likely the entire saga, resulting extremely familiar to players who have followed the iconic title from Microsoft so far. In the video, with a truly moving character, a couple of UNSC marines are presented protecting a ship fleeing from destruction of Harvest.

The two soldiers stumbled upon alien technology, useful for creating the most well-known energy shield of the Covenant, the same one that will later be used by the Master Chief and the other Spartans inside the Mjolnir armor. The story is told by one of the two marines: he survived the affair, even if he lost irreversibly the opportunity to speak. His partner, on the other hand, had to carry out the mission at the cost of his life.

Halo Infinite will be released on December 8 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC, and there is also an Early Access mode present in a dedicated bundle. Continue to follow us on TechGameWorld.com to not miss the next updates related to the world of video games, and take a look at the new discounts on the most important videogame titles present in the Instant Gaming store.

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