Halo Infinite: The physical copy will not have the full game

Digital Foundry’s John Linneman reveals physical copy of Halo Infinite apparently won’t have full game on disc

Halo Infinite is getting closer and closer: there are now only two days left until the arrival of the full game even of the much desired story of the game. In the last few hours the first reviews started to come out too, and in the meantime it is still possible to play the multiplayer beta for free, before going to focus on the campaign. However, the title it was not without controversy in the last few days, especially as regards the battle pass, but 343 Industries has already wanted to reassure fans, stating that improvements in the progression system are expected in the coming months. But another fact is now shadowing the launch of Halo Infinite: it seems that the physical copy of the title will not have the game in its full state.

Halo Infinite is incomplete in its physical copy of the game

Being able to collect the physical copy of a game is a factor still rooted in current times, albeit in slightly smaller volumes than in the past. This is also due to the increasingly wide range of titles on the market: owning a game in its digital version allows you to be able to comfortably manage the many games that you own, and not having to occupy excessive space in your home. In addition, the birth of subscription and streaming services, such as PS Now and Xbox Game Pass, have also helped to make pIt is more convenient to buy securities at bargain prices through these platforms.

Yet, some users still remain under the impression of having to physically own a game, not so much for materialistic values, but also for the possibility of sharing the aforementioned title and being able to replay it even once the support for the digital copy ceases to exist. On Twitter, Digital Foundry reporter John Linneman reveals then somewhat unpleasant news: the physical copy of Halo Infinite apparently would not contain the full game within its disc, and it would therefore be impossible to play the title without connecting to the server for updates.

He argues that this is bad in terms of long-term preservation of a game, and he hopes Microsoft will reconsider this. It must be said that by now is a fairly common practice in video games, an example is the well-known Destiny 2, a decidedly different game if you compare its “vanilla” version in the game disc with the current and updated one. Halo Infinite could therefore approach the same path as the Bungie title, truly acting as an “infinite” platform for all the contents that will be inserted in the following years. The fact is that the campaign, right now, is still playable only by updating the game.

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