Halo Infinite: updates soon to fix the progression in the battle pass

The battle pass of Halo Infinite is one of the least appreciated aspects by the players, but the development studio is working to improve the progression of this rewards system

From Monday it is possible to access the beta of the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, and since then the players have had to deal with the battle pass, and its very slow progression due to the ways in which it is possible to obtain XP points. In a thematic guide we have tried to suggest the better ways to advance in the system, and also it seems that 343 Industries is still working to study how it could intervene to make the gaming experience even more enjoyable. On Twitter, community manager John Junyszek revealed in the last few hours some specific changes that will be added to the Halo Infinite battle pass this week.

The next updates in the progression of the Halo Infinite battle pass

The community manager begins the series of tweets about upcoming updates for Halo Infinite starting with adding “play 1 game” challenges to allow for constant progression within the battle pass, simply by playing the way you want. Some bugs will then be fixed, and removed weekly challenges based on the feedback received from users. It will then also touch the difficulty of the various challenges, allowing you to progress faster in those periodically released each week and thus climbing the rank of the pass more quickly.

This update will require though a restoration of user challenges, also including the cancellation of the progress achieved in the weekly ones, and therefore of the results accumulated so far. However, to remedy this, 343 Industries will provide the Sigil Mark VII viewer, that is the Ultimate Reward this week, a all players who will have access to multiplayer between 23 and 30 November.

In addition, the duration of double XP boosts will be doubled, which will then go from 30 minutes to an hour. However, the studio will remain to observe how these changes affect the experiences of the players, and it is also stated how this will be just the first step towards the evolution of the system, which will continue during the title support, although it will clearly take some time.

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