XPG: Introduces the M.2 2280 ATOM 50 Series PCIe SSDs

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XPG Introduces M.2 2280 ATOM 50 Series PCIe SSDs, Excellent Performance for Content Creation, for Different Needs and Budgets

XPGsupplier in rapid growth of systems gaming, hardware components e peripherals per gamers, export professionals e technology enthusiaststoday announces a new series of solid state drives (SSDs), the XPG ATOM 50oriented to creators e gamers of different needs.

XPG: Introduces the M.2 2280 ATOM 50 Series PCIe SSDs

Accelerate creativity

For users looking for afurther pushthe ATOM 50 SSDs take advantage of the standard PCIe Gen4 x4 ed NVMe 1.4 to offer read and write speeds of up to 5,000 / 4,500 MB / s. They work with the latest platforms Intel e AMDincluding desktop and laptop PCs.

For uninterrupted productivity, ATOM 50 SSDs are packed with technology SLC Caching e Host Memory Buffer for uninterrupted productivity. They offer random read write speeds 4K until 440K/400K IOPS. In terms of storage, the ATOM 50 SSDs have a capacity of up to 1 TB.

ATOM 50 SSDs can also be installed on one PS5 come secondary unitoffering users more storage space it’s a faster game loadingfor maximum compatibility.

XPG: Introduces the M.2 2280 ATOM 50 Series PCIe SSDs

Protected, accurate and reliable

ATOM 50 SSDs feature stylish heat sinks with side trim. The heatsinks not only look good, they also help keep temperatures down by 15% for optimal performance and stability. With low-density parity check code and 256-bit AES encryption, SSDs ensure accurate data transmissions and offer robust security.

ATOM 50 SSDs use only high quality ICs that have been rigorously tested for maximum durability. For added peace of mind, they are covered by a 5-year warranty. The SSD ATOM 50 will be available in Europa tramite Amazon.

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