Hammerting will be released on Steam, Epic Games and GOG

Hammerting uscirà su Steam, Epic Games e GOG thumbnail

Team17 and Warpzone Studios have announced that the Dwarven Mining Simulator Hammerting will be launched on Steam, Epic Game Store and GOG the November 16. Below we present the official trailer and further details.

The Hammerting trailer

Tucked away in the Mara Mountains, Hammerting follows one community of dwarves as they explore, build, create and mine to develop their stronghold. From humble beginnings, they develop their base at unparalleled depths beneath the mountain range as they send valuable resources, weapons e supplies to the surface.

During his stay in Steam Early Access over the past 10 months, Hammerting has received a myriad of updates built on a solid foundation. The arrival ofEpic Crafting Update, introduces new content including armor and rings, equippable lanterns, valuable epic-tier items, a Mountain Lore overhaul, and many more.

Past updates have included:fluid update, which brought lava and water to the cavernous environments that dwarves call home, along with new taverns and recipes of drinks, ingredients and knowledge; the update Overworld introduced a revised overworld with procedurally generated factions, locations and roads; and update Automation of June optimized the efficiency of the dwarves.

Main features of the title

  • Control the fate of the dwarves: As the colony grows, active management of the dwarves, including the friendships they make and their morale, will be key to helping the war effort;
  • Design and create the ultimate foundation– Drill and upgrade a variety of rooms, from forges and sculpture studios to taverns and auxiliary functions, and help the colony create the ultimate foundation;
  • Help the war effort– Build and upgrade a variety of items through a deep leveling system;
  • Discover precious materials to be extracted: venture into the bowels of the mountain and face increasingly dangerous situations.

Hammerting is currently available for purchase in Steam Early Access for $ 24.99 / £ 19.99 / € 24.99. To stay up to date with all the information on Hammerting, you can consult the Steam page.

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