Hannspree Pad Zeus review: the tablet PC to the test

In this review we will find out how the Pad Zeus, the new tablet PC from Hannspree, performed. Let’s analyze it in detail

Today we will talk about the new tablet PC of Hannspree, or the Hannspree Hall 13.3 ″ Zeus. This tablet, given yours size and his computing power, he’s able to carry out the tasks PC-like on occasions where it is not possible to use of a computer. Let’s start the review starting from yours data sheet and then continue on his own behavior in these two weeks of testing.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 336,1 x 219,2 x 11,8mm (LxAxP)
  • Weight: 2,55kg
  • Display: 1920 × 1080, Full HD resolution, 13 “, 170 ° field of view
  • CPU: MTK MT8183, octa-core, 2GHz
  • GPU: ARM G72 MP3
  • Memory: 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM (expandable with MicroSD)
  • Cameras: 5MP front, 5MP rear
  • Battery: 10.000mAh, ricarica Type-C + DC Jack
  • Door: slot MicroSD, Micro USB, Type-C, Micro HDMI
  • Operating system: Android 10
  • Accessories: charger with EU + UK clip, Type-C cable, Type-C OTG cable, MicroUSB OTG cable, cover

Hannspree Pad Zeus review: the tablet PC to the test

The contents of the package

Unboxing | Hannspree Pad Zeus Review

The product comes in a packaging give her high dimensions, given the very nature of the product, and once open we are facing the tablet – wrapped in a protective film – with relative accessories on the right. In the package we find a variety of accessories: a closing protective cover – which also works from horizontal stand –, the charger with DC Jack and two o’clock taken, a european and the other English, due cavi OTG and the cable Type-C (useful for connecting via PC for data transfer). Once turned on we will have to set it all up through the setup wizard from Android 10 and, once completed, it will be ready to use.

Hannspree Pad Zeus review: the tablet PC to the test

The display | Hannspree Pad Zeus Review

Starting with the display, we find in front of us a dimension from laptop computer, ben 13 inch with resolution Full HD gives 16:9 and one well-defined frame, I’d say fair for the overall size – if we’d had a thinner bezel, our hands would have invaded the touchscreen area. There visual quality of the display is good, both during the web browsing that the vision of TV series, despite being a display IPS LED with an update frequency of 60Hz. The brightness of the panel she got noticed in that, even to a minimum level, we managed to see quietly the screen. The only one defect is theabsence of a sensor from automatic brightness, an annoying factor if you use the device at night and we end up with a blinding brightness. As for theaudio we have due speaker gives 1W each and are able to play multimedia content without any problem.

Let’s talk about performance | Hannspree Pad Zeus Review

The processor is a MediaTek MT8183, a octa-core 2GHz accompanied by 3GB from RAM LPDDR4 which they will initially be able to seem few but they turn out to be one right amount. This combination it was nothing short of surprising, considering however that the processor non and of last generation, it was perfectly to be able from carry out all the operations to which it was subjected. Come GPU we have one ARM G72 which, despite the 800Mhz from clock, he’s able to support without too many problems games like Asphalt or Real Racing 3. The titles flowed well but the gameplay wasn’t the best, given the bulky dimensions of the device.

Hannspree Pad Zeus review: the tablet PC to the test

Connectivity and battery | Hannspree Pad Zeus Review

Speaking of connections, we find a module Wi-Fi with standard 802.11ac, will allow us to connect us to whatever network is through the 2.4GHz frequency that through the 5GHz. During the trial weeks no issues were encountered, ensuring us one stable connection e continues. For the other types of connection we also find the Bluetooth but it is absent the module NFC.

The battery is very large, well 10.000mAh, that will allow us to get with a lot of tranquility a end of the day with many hours of use behind. We reiterate that the prolonged vision of multimedia content will go to reduce quickly autonomy but this it doesn’t stop us To see six seven if not eight episodes of a TV series coming with one good percentage of charge remaining.

The design | Hannspree Pad Zeus Review

If we talk aboutaesthetics of the device, we have the back made of metal e i edges in plastic, where the relative are located buttons from volume + power, the various connection ports and the rear camera gives 5MP. It is noted as the quality of materials and the build quality of the tablet go to make a device solid, well defined e pleasant to the touch.

Hannspree Pad Zeus review: the tablet PC to the test

Along the left edge there are the connection ports, the rear camera at the top and to its right the power and volume buttons

By turning the device on the opposite side, we find the main feature of the device: the display da 13″ with resolution Full HD (1920 × 1080). Then there is the camera front from 5MP placed in the center of the frame. Next to the camera, there are the due speaker gives 1W that have been in degree from play content multimedia without any problem.

Accessories and features | Hannspree Pad Zeus Review

We talked about what the device looks like and now the moment to discuss his power and his capacity. The tablet mounts, as an operating system, Android 10 stock: the basic functions of Android 10 are present and there are no modifications or third-party applications, making theexperience of use fluent e stable without slowdowns. The two doors Micro USB e Type-C allow you to connect, via i OTG cables included, devices such as keyboard, mouse and also USB sticks. The door MicroHDMI it allows to reproduce the content its a monitor external, thus transforming the whole more similar to a computer real, unfortunately it was not possible try this feature given theabsence of a MicroHDMI-HDMI adapter.

Hannspree Pad Zeus review: the tablet PC to the test

We remember as the capacity of the battery allows us to have quite charged to play multimedia content for i 6 ore e get a end of the day with a good percentage of remaining charge. While using, it is possible load through cavo Type-C or use the power supply with DC Jack. In particular, if we use the latter, not only us it will take less time for full recharge, but we will have the USB port Type-C per connect the peripherals necessary.

It’s time to take stock

We have come to the conclusion of this review concerning the tablet Hannspree Pad Zeus and the time has come to express a judgment. In terms of materials e construction of the product we have a good quality but it all goes to create a heavy weight, difficult to support with a single hand. The display and the characteristic which attracts the most, given the size and the resolution. The long-lasting battery allows you to use the device without having to worry about recharge it and, thanks to the DC Jack connector, we can load e continue to use from the door available. There CPU combination + RAM it is not of the latest generation but it is however handsome, both for the price complete for bothintegration with Android 10 stock which makes it all light e fluid.

Connected mouse e keyboard it’s possible to check the tablet ma they are not present some typical functions of a computer, for example the key combination to switch applications rather than having to press the multitasking button.

Finally, we can say that the tablet it’s a good substitute for PC when it is not possible to use the latter. The size of the display, the capacity of the battery and the various door available make valid this product for anyone who was looking for a portable device ma powerful, con i right compromises and also to a good price, currently in swing between 270€ e 300€.

Points in favor

  • Screen size
  • Connectivity ports
  • Battery
  • Price

Points against

  • Weight
  • Automatic brightness
  • Position vertical
  • Controls with keyboard + mouse