HANNspree presents its new 32 and 40 inch solutions

HANNspree updates its line of multimedia displays, now full USB Auto-Play support and large 32- and 40-inch displays

The manufacturer HANNspree introduces two new commercial displays to its product portfolio, in one range off-the-shelf in continua espansione.

Two new products, the model 32-inch HL320UPB e 40 inch HL407UPB, both designed to meet the requirements of commercial presentation applications, such as environments such as POI and public signage, offering ease of installation, cost efficiency and environmentally friendly credentials.

HANNspree presents its new 32 and 40 inch solutions HANNspree presents its new 32 and 40 inch solutions

HANNspree presents its new 32 and 40 inch solutions

These new commercial displays come with a integrated media player with a convenient USB playback function so that in retail environments.

For example, let’s think about hospitality environments and business where you can easily and quickly view multimedia content on the screen, without the need for a PC. Autoplay allows you to start photos, music and videos with 1080p resolution as soon as the monitors are turned on, without having to configure a software.

Plus all HANNspree monitors they offer visual excellence and the latter are no exception. Both new models have Full HD resolutions, high contrast and brightness that ensure vivid colors and exceptional image clarity for all digital content, while HANNspree’s preset video modes make it easy to automatically select the “best” picture settings to deliver ideal picture quality for the different contents.

HANNspree presents its new 32 and 40 inch solutions

In addition, thanks to the ultra-wide viewing angles, these displays can provide visual content from virtually any angle without distortion, so they are ideal for group viewing.

The HL320UPB and HL407UPB monitors also boast premium sound, with two built-in high-quality speakers eliminating the need for external speakers. Both are prepared for the VESA support and desktop mounts, for a flexible and practical desktop or wall-mounted display. They are equipped with VGA port traditional in addition to two HDMI ports. They also boast a HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), which allows the user full control and command of devices connected with HDMI via the included remote control.

Both HL320UPB and HL407UPB models boast low power consumption and are backed by a 3-year warranty. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from TechGameWorld.com.

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