Resident Evil: Capcom has seven new announcements scheduled

A new website dedicated to Resident Evil shows seven new announcements inside, with some already unveiled

Resident Evil this year has made his 25th anniversary. For the occasion, Capcom is celebrating in various ways, in conjunction with the release of Resident Evil: Village (which you can read the review on our website) and through events within Resident Evil: Resistance, the multiplayer game and spin-off of the third installment of the saga. Capcom has always shown a particular care for fan feedback, very often publishing polls that ask questions to the players. So it could be that the seven new Resident Evil ads to show have been weighted according to the demands most users make.

Five new Resident Evil announcements remain

On the new site, put online just for the occasion, Capcom creates a decidedly atmosphere “halloweenesca”, including a small calendar that marks the most important dates, where new Resident Evil announcements will take place. The first two surprises have already been revealed: one indicated the creation of a challenge on Twitter to win Resident Evil merchandise, including clothes and various objects; the second, he remembered how very soon, or on October 21, Resident Evil 4 would be released in VR version. Considering that these were some of the lesser announcements, but Japanese companies still tend to create this type of event even for not too juicy announcements, you have to keep your feet on the ground.

Resident Evil: Capcom has seven new announcements scheduled

In any case, the other new Resident Evil projects to be announced could also involve Resident Evil Village and the new DLC, which should be in the works for some time already. Secondly, we also have the possibility of the return of some original titles PS1, carried over to modern platforms. Or again, it could be that Resident Evil Outrage remake that has been heard so much about in the period in which Capcom suffered mammoth leaks, after being the victim of a ransomware. Having said that, we reiterate how it is better to limit your expectations, waiting for future updates during this next week.

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